2020 Mystery Keeper Deepening 

Your MotherQuest Continues ...

Learn the wisdom your mother couldn't teach you
and patriarchy would have had you forget



The call to stand as a strong wise empowered kind woman continues.

The yearning to find the tools to bring Love into every area of our lives keeps beckoning us inwards. Our soul mission to reclaim our embodied sacred feminine wisdom and then live Her knowledge never ends. It is our soul's call for us to be a living example of conscious motherhood. Life, our children, our people and our world keep giving us opportunities, with relentless consistency, to step up and be the wise, kind, fearless and if needs be, fierce woman, they need us to be.

You know you are the one called to be the wise woman of your family and community.

You are now ready to know the essential wisdom required for you to Be her.

You know after your first year of journeying with MotherQuest, your inner work has only just begun.

After nine years of exploring and embodying the wisdom of MotherQuest, it is my pleasure to offer MotherQuest's Mystery Keeper training. Through a seven month series of day-long trainings, I will share the knowledge our mothers couldn't teach us and 5000 years of rejection of the feminine, would have had us forget.


Let's continue our quests together


What is

the Mystery Keeper


As the light gets darker and the autumnal equinox calls us in, the Mystery Keeper Deepening will take you further into your embodiment of your Sacred Feminine Gnowing by giving you the knowledge of wisdom at the core of the sacred Mother Mandalas of MotherQuest.

Over seven winter months, we will meet and explore the first seven wisdom mandalas in their Power aspect. That is, how to embody and stay in the mastery of each 'Mother' for your creative children, for your world and the love of your life.

The aim of this Mystery Keeper training is to enable you to be a conduit for your own unique expression of the Divine.

Over seven months you will learn the tools, education and wisdom (knowledge + experience) required to embody each MotherQuest Mandala and open yourself to live as your own teacher and source of the sublime.

In a sacred circle of sisters for seven months, you will journey underneath your shadowlands into the pure wisdom of your empowered soul. There will be no room for avoiding your brilliance. No space allowed for you to deviate from your self-chosen quest task. There will be reading to explore and ritual to partake in. This is your opportunity to deepen your Sacred Life and know the wisdom, your inner wise woman is craving to know.


Mystery Keeper Training

Nourishes your Wisdom

This is the second level of the MotherQuest program.

This training is for women called to deepen their knowledge of sacred women's wisdom as well as current or returning MotherQuest JourneyWomen. We will meet monthly, on a Sunday afternoon before the full moon and then spend a whole month exploring the wisdom of each Mandala.

If you aren't ready for your MotherQuest to end and if you know there is more for you to explore and learn, then MotherQuest's Mystery Keeper Deeping is for you.

Each Module teaches

You will learn

  • How to embody this teaching and live it with your creative children.
  • How to stay rooted with these teachings with your partner and world
  • How to open yourself to your own gnosis of these teachings as a conduit of the Divine


This is a sovereign exploration of your embodied interior mysticism and a full throttle unpacking of once unobtainable sacred feminine teachings. This return MotherQuest journey is both a homecoming and a self-initiation into
being the Keeper of your own Wisdom.


This is not just a reclaimation of sacred feminine knowledge

This is the re-membering of essential womanhood, motherhood and eldership that all women born women require.

Here’s the dates and details of

2020 Mystery Keeper Journey



Mystery Keeper Training is only
available inperson and for past or current Journey Women


Training Includes

  • Powerful education in the Power Aspect of the first seven Wisdom Mandala's of MotherQuest
  • Monthly in circle mentoring in specific shadow work (you won't be able to avoid dancing in the shadowlands this time!)
  • Ceremonies, meditations, processes and rituals to enable you to embody your own gnostic wisdom
  • 21-day quests designed to facilitate permanent empowerment and positive change in your life
  • Membership to a private Mystery Keeper Facebook group where monthly we will explore each Mandala of wisdom
  • Comprehensive Mystery Keeper only resources and book list.

PLUS Continued access to the MotherQuest Membership Sanctuary until November 2020!


Logistics & Details


Meeting Times: 11.30 am to 5.30 pm Sundays. See dates above.

Location: Palm Beach, Gold Coast, QLD

(Further details and logistics provided on registration)


Please have lunch prior.

Sumptuous afternoon tea will be provided.

Like all sacred feminine teachings this training is not finite.
It is your life and expereince that will make it complete.

Investment Structure

Seven Month Training

15 x monthly payments
  • Available until 27th Oct 2019

Seven Month Training

Pay in full option
  • Save 5% when paying in full

Reclaim the Sacred Feminine wisdom essential for Conscious Motherhood and Eldership.

One paid assistant position is also available for returning Mystery Keepers.
Please contact Lhamo to apply.


Mystery Keeper Training is...

A deepening and a returning to keep living your internally defined and sacredly centred life. This is an opportunity to embody your Gnowing. The opportunity to live with even more commitment to your mothering soul and passionate life.

Again, in this training, You Will Have To Do The Work.

You will have to own your wisdom, embody the teachings and be the Mother Queen of your sovereign world.

Darling One, you know its you who is the

Strong Sacred Woman you've been waiting for