Wisdom School

Don’t you wish there was a handbook for mid or mothering life?
Something to turn your fears into strengths, and your problems into, well, nothing.
A handbook for a happy fulfilled and contented life?


Here’s the good news, you have it already.

As a woman, born a woman, from a woman, you have this spiritual wisdom encoded in your DNA.

It’s already within you.

It’s there as your birthright and we have a guide to take you there. Thirteen guides in fact. No, not gurus, rehashed concepts, or Goddesses made from other times, but thirteen Divine and Sacred internal archetypes given to us by the Divine Mother, in a year of visions, in 2012.


Thirteen wisdom mandalas, or mothers, who will spiral you away from the fears, frustrations and emptiness of your topside life, into the grace, beauty and wholeness of your unique embodied soul.

Thirteen sacred archetypes of the Divine Feminine in her mothering form who will show you how to unpack the wisdom and brilliance that is dormant within you.

For the past ten years in monthly women circles, we have been exploring, teaching, learning, discerning, living congruently and embodying these wisdom mandalas.

Now it’s your turn. This wisdom belongs to you.


Awakening to Sacred

You have the answers you need inside you lets awaken your wise strong woman.

Join our potent circle from the comfort of your own home. 26 week journey starts 27th April 2021

Dancing in the Shadowlands

This is the essential work necessary for our time. To own, face and heal our lost parts and perception of brokenness.
Learn to Dance in the Shadowlands with our powerful and grounded shadow busting tools.

Powerful Teachings

Starting in March 2021 MotherQuest’s Barefoot Priestess Program.

Join our full Self Mastery Training and Initiation into Ministry or complete module by module. Essential and powerful teachings made for our times.

Rites & Ceremony

Celebrate your body, soul and sacred sisterhood in our Temple Evenings and Transformational Retreats based on Qld Gold Coast and across Australia.

MotherQuest's entry level course

Awakening to Sacred

Join our 26 week online expanded program


Awakening to Sacred

Mask Group 57@2x


Motherhood and Midlife

It's not easy, it's not always fun, it gets ridiculously hard, it can be overwhelmingly lonely, or boring or full of challenges, but there’s one thing that makes us keep showing up and doing the best job we can, is the soul love we have for our creative children.

If we could shift our fear and feelings of not-enoughness. If we could trust the dreams within us more than the gremlins in our head. If we had better skills, tools, a new language perhaps, to make the person we feel on the inside real in our everyday life.

Whether our kids are pets, projects or small or gangly and grownup people, there’s something within us that knows we can create, provide, share and love more.

If, that is, we could just get out of our own way.

What you need is a guide.

Or thirteen guides, in fact.

Each completely unique to you, and so personal that they can help you dive into the depths of your wild sacred embodied self and connect to your own source of meaning and understanding.

What you need is to awaken the wisdom mandalas of MotherQuest and embody the unshatterable feminine wisdom within you.

You are the love you have been waiting for.

It's time to rise.

Mask Group 56@2x

Awakening to Sacred

You will discover your


Reweave the love and wisdom of your motherline

Self Love

Open to the wonderment of loving your womanly body and whole self

Mothering Presence

Find joy, purpose and pricelessness of your mothering world

(No you don’t have to be a mother of humans to discover this.)

Fearless Living

Embrace your anxiety and courageously open to the power of right now

Embodied Peace

Dive deeper than the stories and trauma that stop you from living your soul

Embodied Wisdom

Embrace the wonderment of your womanly body and your connection to all life

Your Authentic Self

Unblock your voice, access your limitless vison and declutter your life

Embodied Joy

Deepen your sisterhood and live your joy. Transform your relationship with intimacy

Fierce Compassion

Activate your Fierce feminine force and become more powerful than an angry

Divine Creativity

Open your conduit of sacred partnership, with your muse, your baby and your Beloved


Surrender into the wonderment of truly feeling, loving and being

Everyday Sacredness

Discover the rituals, ceremony and simplicity to ground your everyday in divine connection


A word from Lhamo

Awakening to Sacred is

While MotherQuest might have originated from a Divine source it has been forged in the imperfect reality and heartbreak of real mothering life.

Over the last nine years I’ve gone there.

My dad died, my mother stopped speaking to me,
We moved our home and work interstate. I went through a complete physical burnout.
Our dreams and business went belly up.
We went through struggles that felt insurmountable.
My marriage went to the devastating brink of a painful divorce

And now ...

Soul to soul I have a profound relationship with my mother and family, I have arrived at peace and self love I did not believe was possible, my soul purpose and passion is the main income of my family, Im living the mission I came to birth into the world. My husband and I are the closest we’ve ever been and I am content with the simplicity and grace of my everyday world.

No, my life isn’t enlightened or perfect. I never signed up for that.

What I do have is a life filled with love, peace and meaning.

I’ve seen MotherQuest change the lives of hundreds of women. In a time of Instagram numbers and the expectation to touch millions, I have moved slowly and made permanent change with women whose dreams have been made real – because they found the answers they needed inside them.

They committed to their own MotherQuest.

Awakening to Sacred

is the first level of your MotherQuest

Group 84@2x

Awakening to Sacred is a 26 week online journey into thirteen different aspects of your embodied soul and authentic life.

Arriving fortnightly, in this beautiful online program you will open doors into new parts of yourself and drop down into your own spiritual path through motherhood, irrespective of who or what you are mothering.

You can then spiral through the teachings over and over until you awakening work is done. By joining you will have lifetime access to this work.

How Awakening to Sacred works

Through acess to our online membership sanctuary, every fortnight on Monday you will open to a new Wisdom Mandala. You will receive

  • A guided transmission to awaken the inner mandala
  • A teaching manual to learn the new insights
  • A meditation/process to nourish your soul wisdom
  • Do-able quests designed to make the teachings real in your everyday life.


You will also be invited to6 open circle calls via Zoom and you will have lifetime access to your notes and the MotherQuest Community.

The notes, the quest tasks, the teachings are designed to awaken and return your life to an inner centred connection and self-trust.

Once you have awakened your quests you can then journey deeper, through the shadowlands into the mystery teachings and universal wisdom of MotherQuest.

In MotherQuest, just like real life, the opportunity to deepen and become more real is always present. How deep would you like to go?

Your inner wisdom is endless.

Group 83@2x


“This is an incredible investment in yourself that will ripple out into every aspect of your life. Lhamo is an amazingly wise and compassionate woman who understands the challenges and joys of being a woman and mother. MotherQuest is her passion and this is obvious in her teaching. She has the capacity to create safe and sacred space, see each participant, hold them all in love and challenge that which does not serve them. She has incredible generosity when teaching and the capacity to facilitate deep healing. She strongly stands up for what she believes and I believe that her work is truly changing the world for the better.”

- Leonie Hamilton Aged 47

"I LOVE the content. I love the ease with which we can access the content on the website (So beautiful). The invocations and the meditations I adore."

- Louise Davis

"My ears first pricked up when I came across the name MotherQuest as a mother of 6, I am always open to activities that are going to support me in my mothering. However, don't be fooled into thinking that the name MotherQuest is only for mothers. It's for women. Young and old and in between.

Lhamo is the most authentic woman I've had the honour to meet. An amazing facilitator who is so skilled at creating an atmosphere of love and support that you only feel safe, nurtured and heard.

What Lhamo has created and is now sharing with the world, is not just a journey that One embarks upon with other women, but a journey back home, to yourself. I am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this work and urge any woman who may feel drawn or curious to step into it. It truly is an extraordinary adventure."

Kyla Levi

Ancestressy : Irish, English, Scottish, Northern European and Melanesian

"The text and imagery is beautiful in the mandala’s, it’s easy to follow.

Awakening to Sacred has reminded me to stop and check-in with myself and how my heart feels in each moment/decision."

- Nachelle Stokes

"After a year of MotherQuest I now know I love myself! I love who I am. I have a connection to Spirit, I know my body is sacred and mine, and magnificent and to be cherished! I also love my husband!

Letting go of hate born from sadness and loss, that took up so much of my time, was like energy being lifted, I’m able to breathe again!!! I feel like I wasted so much time and I feel more connected to myself and those close to me than ever. I can see and hear joy and not interrupt it.

I also now know that I am the wise women in my family! My family see me as this and have told me so. I hold myself to a higher standard now - I am worthy of the love and beauty around me and that is all from my MotherQuest. Please do this work. You are needed in the world as a woman who knows herself as a Mother on a Quest and knows she is LOVE!"

Kate Lennan

Ancestressy : Irish, Scottish

"I didn’t have many expectations. I just felt it was something I needed to do. I find Lhamo's words, written and spoken, so profound that it really has blown me away how deep and important it feels.

Like a key in every aspect of life has been given to me. I did not expect this. Also, I’m loving the design and the way the website works. It feels really lovely to go into the website. Really like a sanctuary."

- Ayla Rokliff

Awakening to Sacred

Starts 27th April 2021

Enrollments open Now!

Awakening to Sacred
26 weeks online

Pay in full
$797 + GST

We have frozen the early bird price for this round saving you $200
Additional GST of $79.70 applies

Awakening to Sacred
26 weeks online

Payment Plan
$245 x 4 months

We have frozen the early bird price for this round saving you $200
Additional GST of $79.70 applies

Awakening to Sacred
+ VIP Mentorship & Support

Private mentoring + inner circle Guidance

6 personal sessions
6 mth private circle

MotherQuest is...

An awakening, a deepening and a returning to living an internally defined, sacredly centred life. It is not a step by step formula, it is not a program that requires you to believe anything and it is also not a map. It is a series of mandalas, beautiful internal explorations of the inner terrains of your sovereignly defined spiritual life.

It is not easy, it will require you to wake up.

It is not for the faint-hearted, you will have to Do The Work. You will have to own your shadow, take ownership of your creations and be the flame of your own inner fire. By doing this, MotherQuest will return you to who you truly are,

a Strong Sacred Woman made for our times.