5 Practices to Connect to Your Divine Feminine


Connecting to your Divine Feminine is not always acknowledged part of mundane life, in fact, theevery day, especially in our mothering years seems to chip away our connection to our spiritual power. This is largely because we have lost the archetype and the mindset that our everyday womanly selves, our mothering and our souls –…

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Why is sacred sisterhood different to friendship?

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Our female friendships are everything. Filled with tears and laughter, never-ending phone calls, the excitement of milestones and the sharing of loss, there is no taking away from the importance of our female friends. They buoy us, lift us up and support us through everyday life. For most of us, our female friendships fill our…

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Awakening your Key to Sacred Sisterhood

Many years ago I was attending a Women’s Rite’s Retreat with the sublime Anna Davidovich and in a throwaway comment, she gifted me with one of the most profound teachings I have ever received.   Her simple sentence changed my life.   While the words she said are not exactly the words, I’m about to…

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