Sacred Warriorship : Returning to Soul

By Lhamo | Apr 21, 2020 |

Sometimes it’s wonderful being an empath. I remember when walking the Camino with Pete, there were days when our feet fell into rhythm and silence stretched out between us. Back then, when the internet was birthing and iPhones were a shiny dream, I could hear our beloved friends and family. Or more rightly, see-feel-hear what they were feeling. It would just happen. While it could have been the effect of too much Spanish sun, the clarity of my listening was spot on. I knew how the kids were back home; I knew who had news for us. I could feel...

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A long weekend with Innana.
Dying. Burying your old self. Wisely Resurrecting.

By Lhamo | Apr 10, 2020 |

I’ve been thinking all about Death. Burial. Resurrection. Oh, just to clarify, no not of Jesus, but the Goddess Inanna. Long before Yeshua ben Joseph had his three days of crucifixion, enshrouding and then rising from the dead. The ancient Mesopotamian Goddess, Inanna had her three days of it too. The silly thing, she decided to visit her twin sister Ereshkigal Queen of the Underworld. Anybody knows facing your shadow is never going to be pretty. She ended up temporarily dead. Not really the epitome of great family dynamics, needless to say, yes, eventually she was let off the hook....

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Dancing in the ShadowLands : The Gremlin of Isolation

By Lhamo | Mar 26, 2020 |

  As you all know, very real circumstances create isolation. Relocation, a new baby, quarantine, divorce, or living in a foreign city where language or even geography keeps you separated from people. This is NOT the Isolation we are talking about here. In MotherQuest’s Shadow Work, the isolation we are exploring is the icy melancholy that, even when people are all around us, swirls in, freezes our confidence, and sequesters our Connection into miserable silence. Isolation is similar to the shadows of Rejection and Abandonment. However, unlike Abandonment, that uses our memories as evidence to immobilise our trust and validate...

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How do you honour your Ancestors without
cultural appropriation?

By Lhamo | Jul 12, 2018 |

How do you honour your ancestors in your women’s circles? Do you call their heartbeat through your medicine drum? If so, whose lineage was your drum maker trained in and are the animal skins indigenous to your ancestral lands? Do you chant a mantra? If so, is your mantra Hindi, Sikh or Buddhist, do you honour their traditions? Or does your chant come from your ancestral lands, if so what Tribe and culture? Do you take drugs in shamanic ritual? If so who is your teacher’s teacher? What lineage do you honour when you call your shaman’s name?   Or...

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5 Practices to Connect to Your Divine Feminine

By Lhamo | Jul 9, 2018 |

Connecting to your Divine Feminine is not always acknowledged part of mundane life, in fact, theevery day, especially in our mothering years seems to chip away our connection to our spiritual power. This is largely because we have lost the archetype and the mindset that our everyday womanly selves, our mothering and our souls – are already Divine. It’s time we claimed that back, isn’t it? Being connected or embodying our Divine Feminine, which is what Sacred Feminine means gives us presence and guides us into pleasure, fulfilment, creativity, bliss and a meaning-rich life. So what are some ways to...

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Ministry of She 1080 1080 Images Blog Sacred Sisterhood

Why is sacred sisterhood different to friendship?

By Lhamo | Jul 2, 2018 |

Our female friendships are everything. Filled with tears and laughter, never-ending phone calls, the excitement of milestones and the sharing of loss, there is no taking away from the importance of our female friends. They buoy us, lift us up and support us through everyday life. For most of us, our female friendships fill our lives with meaning and also keep us grounded. So when I thought about why sacred sisterhood is different from friendship, I’m not saying they are better, just different. Sacred sisterhood is like a calling. A sacred blueprint or matrix of how to be authentic, unveiled...

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Mother Daughter Soul Contracts : Part 1

By Lhamo | Apr 17, 2018 |

Every child is born with a soul contract with her mother. She has a gift or teaching to give her mother, soul to soul. Some soul gifts are easy for the mother to receive they could be opening to love, stepping into power, trusting her value, sharing her wisdom. Other contracts feel like pulling teeth, almost like our babe has exactly the right medicine, just by being herself, to push us to the edges of who we know ourselves to be. Her strong will pushes us to grow a backbone. Her clinginess pushes us to look at our own collapsed...

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Mother Daughter Soul Contracts : Part 2

By Lhamo | Apr 16, 2018 |

Of all the hurts a daughter can suffer from her mother there are two that cut the deepest. The first is the betrayal of not being seen. Not being loved, appreciated or seen for our authenticity or uniqueness can be excruciating. It is a painful awakening for a daughter to realise that to be true to herself she has to leave her family. This fight between belonging and selfhood, autonomy and acceptance, stability and self-freedom can then become a dichotomy that a daughter lives with long after her vulnerable self left home. This pattern of stay and conform or leave...

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Awakening your Key to Sacred Sisterhood

By Lhamo | Jan 29, 2018 |

Many years ago I was attending a Women’s Rite’s Retreat with the sublime Anna Davidovich and in a throwaway comment, she gifted me with one of the most profound teachings I have ever received.   Her simple sentence changed my life.   While the words she said are not exactly the words, I’m about to give you now, the simplicity and power of this sentence has the capacity to awaken one of the most profound blueprints of your soul. I kid you not.   But before I tell you what she said I have to let you know that the...

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Three reasons why I charge for my women’s circles and why you can too.

By Lhamo | Jan 24, 2018 |

Before I start, I’d like to say it takes courage to hold a women’s circle. Any woman who is has heard her Spirit given call and is clear about her desire to be with women in circle and says “yes I am going to hold a women’s circle and learn and share and heal and grow” – is brave. Any woman has been to the depth of her soul wounds and not only survived but has healed and created a wisdom path in the process and then says “This is me. This is what I know, come learn with me.“...

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The big test for spiritual people

By Lhamo | Sep 22, 2017 |

  It really is easy to appear spiritual on Facebook.    It’s even easier on Instagram.   A few beautiful photos, some great quotes, a strategic comment, a smattering of crystals, flowers or essential oils and voila! there’s your brand.   Don’t worry, I’m not judging. I’m doing it too.   The harder thing, if not the hardest thing to do, is to stay your spiritual self when you are around your family.   Especially, when your authentic voice happens to speak a language of beliefs, opinions or lifestyle choices that conflict or oppose your family values or culture. This...

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Tyranny of shiny. Dropping the masks in your women’s circle

By Lhamo | Aug 21, 2017 |

The music is on. You’ve smudged the room and reverently (if not slightly excitedly) your women have settled themselves in the room. You breathe in, you open your eyes and catch their expectant gazes. “Welcome” you say with reverent tones. Feeling your body soften and voice deepen, you are about to launch into your mystical opening of sacred space then BANG! That one late woman has just tripped on the cat at the front step and her glass water bottle has shattered all over the porch. Now due to an ensuing litany of f-bombs (she is one of your tribe after all)...

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She in the Centre. How do you call in the Sacred in your women’s circle?

By Lhamo | Aug 21, 2017 |

I’m about to admit something that isn’t exactly PC when it comes to women’s circles, I fully own that it has a little to do with my shadow gremlin of cynicism and a lot to do with experiencing a multitude of things called sacred women’s business. But before I make my grand confession, I want to know, how do you call the sacred into your women’s circles? Which tradition do you follow? Do you open your circle space with a Wiccan protocol? Or are you following your teacher’s way, if so, what is his or her lineage of wisdom? Is it...

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