( an-cess-tress-see )

n. The unbroken love, power and wisdom of your maternal lineage

For daughters ready to heal and restore love, connection & wisdom
to their maternal relationships


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Many women speak of connecting to the Divine Feminine these days, yet aren’t sure how to navigate the stormy waters of their own mother-daughter relationships. Spirituality and personal growth are fine as long as we don't mention your family.

If you are ready to finally experience peace in your maternal relationships and unlock your own beautiful gifts …

Then Ancestressy is your key.

This training is both mystical and practical; it combines real-life psycho-therapeutic skills with transformational ritual and sacred ceremony.

And it’s not just about you.

When women heal their individual family patterns we not only change future generations, we transform the future for the collective.  Let’s heal our HerStories, together.


Ancestresscy is a program created to help you radically transform
your own mother-daughter relationship and your ancestral motherline.

During this seven-stage journey, you receive the sacred and practical tools you need to heal your past, shift how you relate to your current family AND
positively affect the next seven generations.


In the Ancestresscy Course you will:


Transform your Relationship with Your Mother

Does it feel like no matter how much you have grown and changed as an adult, whenever you are around your mother or family you suddenly become the same child you have been trying to heal?

It is possible for you to permanently change how you relate and interact with your family. It is also possible to feel an unconditional source of maternal love and belonging - even if your mother-daughter relationship is strained, absent or beyond repair.

In Ancestresscy you will:

  • Discover simple transformative tools to change the way you react and communicate with each other
  • Without conflict resolve your hurts and open to new paradigms of mothering love
  • Find the tools to have lasting peace with your mother

Recover Your Sense of Maternal Belonging

No matter the current state of your mother-daughter relationship, or if your mother is permanently estranged or has died, it is possible to live with a deep inner knowing of love, connection and maternal support.

On the level of soul, all relationships operate from Love. However, personality, life's circumstances and choices can block this flow and irreparably lock us into painful patterns.

In Ancestressy you will learn how to connect to the belonging that is your birthright and open to the maternal wisdom you carry within your blood and bones.

In Ancestressy you will:

  • Explore & heal 7 generations of your maternal lineage
  • Connect to a tangible knowing of your Ancestressal strength
  • Discover a grounded belonging to the people of your tribe & culture

Be the Strong Woman who Breaks the Pain

Every generation is faced with the opportunity and the challenge to heal the patterns of their ancestors, have peace with their parents and share their unique gifts with the world.

In Ancestresscy you will explore and extract the toxic family patterns caused by untimely loss, secrets, abuse and trauma.

You will also find the courage to actualise your authentic potential and BE the woman of your lineage that makes the difference.

In Ancestresscy you will:

  •  Replace toxic patterns with strength, autonomy and freedom
  •  Release the blockages that inhibit connection and belonging
  •  Recover your innocence as a source of creative power

Shift from Wounded Daughter to Beloved Child

Many dysfunctional mother/adult-daughter relationships boil down to a few simple issues, the main one being that the daughter usually feels like her mother's parent.

Do you feel like the smart, strong, kind, older, bigger person in your mother-daughter relationship? Does this make you feel tired, depressed, persnippity or intolerant when around your mother?

Are you frightened of becoming the same type of parent your mother was? Or are you overcompensating by giving your children the type of parenting you needed, but not necessarily the parenting they uniquely require?

In Ancestresscy you will:

  • Learn how to move your perspective from wounded daughter to beloved child
  • Hand back your maternal wounding and all that is not yours to carry
  • Elevate your mother-daughter struggle to a Sacred Wrestle of Self-awareness and Autonomy

Open to the Joy of Maternal Connection

Our relationships with our mothers lay the templates of how we relate with all women, for better and for worse. Do you trust yourself to be authentic and vulnerable with your sisters and girlfriends? Can you be authentically open and non-judgemental of women who are unlike you?

Does the concept of sisterhood seem foreign, unobtainable or unnecessary to you? Do you believe that jealousy, competition and betrayal are to be expected in female friendships? Would you rather be one of the boys?

In Ancestresscy you will:

  • Come to embrace that women friends are the essential component for living a richly intimate and empowered life
  • Release the blockages that inhibit your connection and trust in the Feminine
  • Heal your half of your mother-daughter wrestle and in doing so, open yourself to lasting depth, trust and fulfilment within all your relationships

Explore and Heal 7 Generations

In Indigenous and First Nation Spirituality, every child born is the gift and the healing of the seven previous and seven future generations.

Over seven weeks you will not only transform your relationship patterns with your birth mother and siblings, you will also clear how your bloodlines' future generations carry the patterns of your past, present and future

In Ancestresscy you will:

  • Resolve the silent pains you carry, especially the tender wounds of reproductive loss, sexual trauma and grief
  • Open your spirituality and soul to a deep relationship with the spiritual force of the Sacred Mother
  • Actualise your potential and let your soul, not your inherited wounding, define who you are as a woman, lover and mother of your world

Are you Ready to start your sacred work?

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From the first moment I met Lhamo, I recognized her as a profound teacher.  Ancestresscy captured me the instant I heard about this course.  My mother and grandmothers were battered women who had lost their voices – and likely so too the grandmothers who came before them.  I was determined to break the cycle and I did, but my body (and mind) still carried the burden.

If you can Go! Go sit with Lhamo – if you dare. You can’t hide in her presence – but you can’t let go what you don’t know you are holding. If you truly seek growth and wisdom, she will show you it is already within you. Lhamo is one of the most authentic Wise Women I know.  She is alive in the most beautiful of ways – I see her committed to loving to learn and learning to love, with authenticity and integrity.

Janine aged 55


Where Did


come from?

While the blueprint of the course was channelled by Lhamo a week before birthing her daughter 11 years ago, Ancestresscy also draws on Lhamo’s extensive training in Family Constellations, Women's Counselling and Epigenetics Theory.

When Lhamo speaks about the course being 'gifted' to her, this means that the transmission of knowledge was mystical and was not conceived by her thinking.

A decade on from Lhamo’s original gnosis, science is now validating the understanding of ancestral transmission and healing familial trauma. As an Interfaith Minister, Priestess and Spiritual Counsellor, Lhamo has helped hundreds of women compassionately transform their MotherLines to become the Strong Women their family and the world needs.

This course is not only about healing mother-daughter relationships; this work transforms your destiny. It enables you to be the authentic woman your soul chose your family to be.

Read more about How Ancestresscy was Created here.

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I first met Lhamo when I did the first online version of Ancestresscy in 2016. I have been to many counsellors and psychotherapists in my quest to be a better me. I could not believe the immediate shift I made after a 1:1 session with Lhamo. The peace I found and the calm that came over me was obvious, I arrived home and my husband said "Wow what happened to you? You're so different! I love it!" 

I can now talk about my mother and hear about her without feeling pain or getting locked into my anger. This is very different for me. From this place, I have reached out to my sisters and daughters and have realised my journey continues but I know what and how to proceed so everything is ok. I know I'm in a good place journeying to me for me.

Di aged 52

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What an amazing gift this course was for me.

It helped me find my place within my maternal family, healed wounds in my relationship with my mother and gifted me with a family connection I had longed for.

Six years on from sitting in circle with this work, the tools and learning I received are now well integrated into my life, giving me a deeper richness and ease with all my family relationships.

I feel very blessed to have come across Lhamo and her life-changing insight.

Kylie aged 44


A final message :

It's time in our history for women to awaken our herstories and realise that our painful mother-daughter relationships are caused by much bigger issues than we think.

It's not you or your mother.

It's not a wound either.

Healing your MotherLine and reclaiming your Ancestresscy is The Sacred Work
of women alive in this radically transformative time.

This course is not a map but a spiral of discovery. It was gifted to me by my Ancestresses as a way to heal seven generations forwards and backwards in time.

Now with love and reverence, it is a gift from my healed motherline, to yours. Through this course, you too can reclaim and live in the strength of knowing your Ancestresscy.

It's time. I hope you will join me.

Lhamo xx

This course truly is a Sacred Blueprint
that can heal your mother-daughter relationships
and your maternal lineage.

Which means you could finally have found the way for you to hold your authentic self within your family and be the wise guide and healer for your family that everyone else knows you to be.



Could this be the year you transform your maternal lineage and you become the gatekeeper of love for your own and future generations?

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