Sacred Feminine Wisdom
made real for right now

We’ve been guiding, teaching & holding women in sacred circles for 30 years.
Mystical insights & practical wisdom for women made for our times. Welcome to

Ministry of She

Trust your

Inner Voice

Ignoring your inner truth or believing the gremlins in your head won’t bring the self-connection and understanding you're craving.

Peace is waiting,

Go deeper.

It's not your darkness you’re afraid of, it’s your light.

Let’s open and awaken her, together ...

Mask Group 5@2x
Mask Group 6@2x

The time for

worthlessness is over

That Strong Wise Woman you’ve been waiting for is you.

It’s you who can heal your family patterns, awaken your sacred purpose, dissolve your hurt stories and unlock your inner wildness.

And you can do it in the middle of this crazy, messy thing called mid or mothering life. Because, route home to your fierce compassion, your embodied soul and unshatterable loving wisdom is already within you,

We know the way.



You were born with soul wisdom that is made for these times.

You are the woman, mother, sacred leader you have been waiting for.

It's time. Come, let's remember our wisdom together

Let's explore ...

Ministry of She's

MotherQuest Wisdom School

Reclaiming the unshatterable wisdom of the embodied Sacred Feminine.

Group 30@2x

Transform your Shadow



Radical self-transformation program for women

Silence the negative voices in your head and face, heal and transcend your Shadow. A radical self-awareness & healing program using Medieval Mysticism and the Wisdom Mandalas of MotherQuest.

In-person teachings and circle work with Lhamo.

NEW COURSE STARTS : 18th September Gold Coast Qld.

Co-requisite MotherQuest Journey Woman Training or Awakening to Sacred Online highly recommended.

Fierce Grace : Online Initiation


Radical Sacred Feminine Shadow Work


This intense, passionate and radically powerful training uses the wisdom of MotherQuest, Dancing in the Shadowlands practices and the fierce love of Mary Magdalene's Gospel.

This is a radically potent and passionately devoted 22 day practice of Fierce Sacred Feminine Transformation in action


This is a self-mastery practice that requires devoted and disciplined daily practice. It is boot camp for your soul.

shadow work Fierce Grace
Group 29@2x

Reclaim your Sacred Mother Wisdom



26 Week Online Course + Community

Find the courage, self-connection and peace that's unshatterable. Turn your fears into self-awareness and your frustrations into joy. You don't need a guru you just need your womanly wisdom and wild authentic heart to awaken inside you.

Join us on a 26-week dive into wisdom mandalas of MotherQuest.

Entry-level course

NEXT COURSE STARTS : 27th April 2021 Online

Heal your MotherLine


You are the Healer and Beloved Daughter of your Motherline, you just might not know it yet.

Join us as in a sacred initiation to reclaim the unbroken love, power and wisdom of your maternal lineage. Heal your Mother-daughter relationship, then reclaim the strength and belonging of your foremothers. You've been called to heal the herstory of your Ancestressy, the transformation starts with you.

Online Course

7 weekly Modules + Memberships site + Private forum

STARTS : Online 20th September 2021


Become the wise woman of your world



Launching on the Gold Coast in February 2021, our Wisdom School will offer sacred ordination for Everyday Priestesses. Our 18-month intensive training fully equips initiates into the skills and sacred wisdom required for sovereign spirituality and authentic service. Designed for healers, mothers and women called to make a stand to be the wise woman of their community.

When playing with crystals, moon lore and sacred cycles are no longer enough, and you are ready to activate your sacred purpose and be the holy, wise woman you were born to be, join us.

Sign up to our VIP Waitlist and leave your expression of interest below


Meet Lhamo

My passion is supporting women to awaken and drink from the sacredness of their everyday lives.

Ministry of She is a ministry for women in their middle or mothering years. No matter your faith or spirituality, no matter how messy or magnificent your life is, your own deeply personal, authentic path of making meaning is holy ground.

The places where you feel broken, the places where your passions come alive, the places where grief takes away everything, the places where the ordinary births your dreams alive, the places where you remember who you truly are ~ sacred, human, divine.

This is my ministry. Welcome to Ministry of She.



“I was looking for something, but I didn't know what it was. I'd reached a point in my life where I knew the changes in my relationships had to come from me. MotherQuest has been the most amazing journey of spirit and wisdom.

I’m now living a life in complete alignment to my needs, desires, my gifts and my joy. This had previously seemed so difficult and unattainable. I am now a better mother."

Kylie Emmerton

Ancestressy : English, Welsh, Irish

 “Working with the Divine Feminine and doing circle work that Lhamo offers has been the most beautiful gift I have given myself. It has given me the space to see clearly, space to dance - with my Spirit, space to face my shadow and even dance with her (read begrudgingly stomping!)

This knowledge has run true for me from the moment I heard it. Lhamo has the most amazing way of presenting this wisdom, she weaves the story basket so magically that I have seen women drawn in as if they are the story.

There is safety, respect, nurturing and profound truth in this space with MotherQuest. Thankyou Lhamo for being the conduit of bringing this knowledge to me.”

Reema Narayan 

Ancestressy : Fiji Indian

“Initially I was not sure whether MotherQuest would be a wise investment. Now I can’t imagine that anything else could have taken me to the depths of understanding I have found within myself!

I love that MotherQuest is so specific to my journey of womanhood. I think there are very valuable and crucial experiences to being a woman that society does not support or celebrate which robs us of our power. Not aggressive power, but deep, authentic, centred, peaceful and loving power.

Lhamo's gentle, firm but always loving guidance has taken me on a journey I really needed to go on. It's like having open heart surgery with Lhamo as a most wise, skillful and loving surgeon. I’m reclaiming lost parts of me, discovering hidden depths and learning to let go in order to become free. I am finding deeper love, wisdom, peace and purpose. I am valuing myself as a whole woman."

Megan Forward

Ancestressy : German, English, Irish


“Through MotherQuest I have faced and identified my shadows, some of which I would never have been able to see without this course.

These are shadows that have been holding me back from joy, bliss and love for decades.

The transformational processes taught by Lhamo in the course really do enable powerful ownership of and transformation of disabling shadow into light, truth and love.”

Cassie Shepard

Ancestressy : English


“This is an incredible investment in yourself that will ripple out into every aspect of your life. Lhamo is an amazingly wise and compassionate woman who understands the challenges and joys of being a woman and mother. MotherQuest is her passion and this is obvious in her teaching. She has the capacity to create safe and sacred space, see each participant, hold them all in love and challenge that which does not serve them. She has incredible generosity when teaching and the capacity to facilitate deep healing. She strongly stands up for what she believes and I believe that her work is truly changing the world for the better.”

- Leonie Hamilton Aged 47

“MotherQuest popped into my life at the right time. I was very ready to dive deeper into my world and start feeling and seeing the real me. This course has helped me uncover my layers in a supportive and loving environment, while gently urging me to be brave and going just that little bit further with facing my fears. Every month I learnt new tools to place into my sacred toolkit and left with knowing that more will reveal itself.

MotherQuest’s womens circle work is such a powerful experience to feed your body, your soul and allow vulnerability to escape. The stories shared are unbelievably powerful and will help you to see more within yourself. The notes supplied are amazing and I know that even after the course has finished I can keep using the tools with clarity.

It really is a gift to your soul to do this course; Lhamo is such a beauty and an amazing facilitator who holds a very strong but delicate circle. You know you are spiritually guided and wrapped with her safe loving hands.”

- Fiona Elliot Aged 43

"My ears first pricked up when I came across the name MotherQuest as a mother of 6, I am always open to activities that are going to support me in my mothering. However, don't be fooled into thinking that the name MotherQuest is only for mothers. It's for women. Young and old and in between.

Lhamo is the most authentic woman I've had the honour to meet. An amazing facilitator who is so skilled at creating an atmosphere of love and support that you only feel safe, nurtured and heard.

What Lhamo has created and is now sharing with the world, is not just a journey that One embarks upon with other women, but a journey back home, to yourself. I am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this work and urge any woman who may feel drawn or curious to step into it. It truly is an extraordinary adventure."

Kyla Levi

Ancestressy : Irish, English, Scottish, Northern European and Melanesian

"After a year of MotherQuest I now know I love myself! I love who I am. I have a connection to Spirit, I know my body is sacred and mine, and magnificent and to be cherished! I also love my husband!

Letting go of hate born from sadness and loss, that took up so much of my time, was like energy being lifted, I’m able to breathe again!!! I feel like I wasted so much time and I feel more connected to myself and those close to me than ever. I can see and hear joy and not interrupt it.

I also now know that I am the wise women in my family! My family see me as this and have told me so. I hold myself to a higher standard now - I am worthy of the love and beauty around me and that is all from my MotherQuest. Please do this work. You are needed in the world as a woman who knows herself as a Mother on a Quest and knows she is LOVE!"

Kate Lennan

Ancestressy : Irish, Scottish

Let's Start Your MotherQuest