Tide Change

Nine-month Sacred Circle for Peri-Menopausal Women

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A nine-month celebration of your menstrual and mothering years and a conscious preparation for menopause. A sacred women's circle designed to nourish, inspire, heal and consciously lay the groundwork for your Rite of Passage through menopause.

This circle is for mid to late forty-year-old women who know their Tide Change, peri-menopause, has either started or will be starting soon. This circle is particularly right for you if you know you are ready to use the last of your reproductive years for radical self-knowledge and you are prepared to powerfully reinvent how you will experience menopause and your transition into Feminine Eldership.

If you have been looking for or would like to join in a focused, radically honest, profoundly kind and impeccably safe circle of women and be supported by sisterhood to journey consciously into your late forties, fifties and beyond, join us.


Over nine months we will:

Nourish your spirit with ritual & ceremony

We will meet monthly on a Friday evening closest to the new moon and utilise it's abundant procreative and transformational energies.


We will also gather in a women's circle either in a lovely hall or Lhamo's Lotus tent and celebrate the sacred winder that women's circles contain.

Prepare your body for a symptom free menopause

Throughout the year will also be exploring, discussing and utilising the latest research in women's hormonal health and wellbeing to discover the optimum path for your heart body and soul.

We will also explore the psycho-spiritual territory of your transitioning soul. Our aim is for you to release what needs to be released, accept what can be forgiven and open courageously to all that lies ahead of you.


Celebrate authentic & sacred sisterhood

By midlife, most women have experienced inhumanity by other women. We have learnt that friendships can rise and fall and that collusion, competition and an inability to own victim stories can rip even the most fabulous friendships apart. Yet, the desire, if not the need, for women to connect with women remains wired in our bodies and souls.

Within every woman is her matrix of sacred sisterhood. A divine blueprint that defines with who and how deeply she can allow herself to be seen. It is this matrix of sisterhood that will guide the integrity of our women's circle. Transparent, honest, ruthlessly kind and fiercely honest. If this is your kind of women's circle, then join us.

Nurture your womanly soul & empower your confidence

Our evenings will celebrate both the sanctity and capacity of sacred women's circles. Delicious conversations, prayer, dance, meditations and processes to support our womanly hearts and open our inquiring minds.

Every evening will have a focus. Every woman will sit as an equal.

All leadership will be shared. Parameters will be constructed for safety and efficacy and guided by Lhamo's decades of circle wisdom; we will gently and relentlessly explore everything we need to explore. Our aim is inner freedom, refreshed confidence and unbridled joy.


The Nine month journey explores:

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Month One ~ Hearing Her Call: Preparing to Sail

Date: 16th February

Rather than waiting until menopause 'takes you', perhaps you can be awake to all her signs and signals within you? Perhaps we just might be part of a new radically surrendered and prepared generation of women to consciously journey through menopause as our most significant female Rite of Passage? 

Tonight we start our journey.


Month Two ~ Preparing your Vessel

Date: 9th March

Caring for your Peri menopausal body

Most of the conditions the West associates with menopause are physical symptoms of exhaustion and imbalance. This month we dive into latest research and ancient insights of how to nourish and prepare for your peri-menopausal body.

Tonight we will also explore your energetic circuitry, so you can start utilising the sensitivity that your menopausal journey will activate to empower your daily life. 


Month Three ~ Trusting your changing waters

Date: 13th April

Have you consciously worked with your menstrual cycle and do you know the wisdom of her secrets? Are you ready to go deeper? Or are you itching to start and don't know how?

This month we dive deeply into blood wisdom teachings and support you to not only use but to cherish your own. We will explore how to receive every last drop of knowledge our wombs have to teach us. We will place particular awareness to the restorative sanctity of our menstrual phase and the procreative inspiration of our ovulatory phase.

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Month Four ~ Powered by Rapture 

Date: 11th May

Surrendering to Her Force within you

What if aging was an awakening of feminine sexual potency, not a decline? What beliefs would we have to break if we realised that our post-menopausal bodies are designed for pleasure ~ most importantly our own!

Tonight we will explore myths and stories that celebrate the power of women's sexual nature well beyond our reproductive years. We will also utilise Tantric and Taoist practices and breathing techniques to activate our energetic bodies and our capacity for rapture.

Month Five ~ Navigating by Stars

Date: 15th June

What or who is your inner Guidance System? Tonight we strip down to our spiritual bones and explore, beyond the stories and social conditioning who we could be if our internal soul-body wisdom was our greatest instruction book about Spirituality and a meaning-rich life. 

Tonight through ceremony we allow our inner Knowing (our Gnosis) to set our course to our Empire of Eldership as a rich juicy vibrantly alive woman.


Month Six ~ Encounters on your Journey: Staying at the wheel

Date: 13th July

Tonight we talk about power. Your power, others power, inner power and how and when do you give it away.

Rolling through friendships, your workplace, your roles in your family and your intimate relationships we are going to explore boundaries, truth speaking and how and when do we lie. Through radically self-kind limits and fierce commitments to self-sovereignty our aim tonight is to redefine Feminine Leadership. 



Month Seven ~ Your Odyssey of Transformation

Date: 10th August

What is it that is really bothering you about aging?

Is it your resistance to change, your fear of letting go?

Or is it your unfinished business or the value you have placed in a certain identity?

Tonight we explore all our internal and external resistance to aging and menopause. We will even look at our sabotage patterns and the relationships around us that are unwilling to change.



Month Eight ~ Transformed by Fire: Redefining menopausal experience

Date: 7th September

Are you afraid of your own fire? Have you spent your life either feeling judged for having too much or frightened of expressing your passion? Are you ready to change? 

To prepare for the fire of our menopausal power surges we have the opportunity to befriend our passionate nature before our Rite of Initiation begins. Healed by heat and purified by passion, tonight we explore the forgotten faces of the wrathful, vengeant and fiery solar goddesses to support us individually and collectively to awaken the Phoenix from the ashes, the Unapologetic Woman Who Undeniably Knows Her Power.


Month Nine ~ Celebration of our Journey

Date: 5th October

Tonight we will conclude our nine-month gestation and create an Acknowledgement Ceremony of Self-Initiation. We will also celebrate the wisdom we have grown and the Sisterhood we have established. Be prepared to party in a beautifully sacred and soulfully reverent way.


Why I Created this course:

Thirty years ago I started consciously working with and learning from my menstrual cycle. Her ebb and flow, rhythms and wisdom have taught me more about my soul than any book, course, intensive or teacher.

I have learnt to listen from my insides out how my hormones, my moods and the water within me reflect all rhythms of life, as well as death and rebirth. Not only do we carry the seasons and moon phases within us, we also carry planetary aspects and intricate faces of the Sacred Feminine as well.

For four days over this past solstice, I was 'shown' how to consciously shift from a personal cycle to planetary cycle. As women, we really do carry the Earth within us ...  It's Her voice within me that has told me I am changing.

There is both a profound softening and a ruthless sharpening of the messages my body is sending me, I know soon, my bleeding will end, and my real power and wisdom will begin.

This circle is my invitation to other women to sail with me; I am not sure I will travel this work again. All I do know is that a spiral has started, and my tides have changed. Have you felt them shift too?

It's time to set sail into a new definition of womanhood ~ vibrant, alive and embodied in joy. If you know that your waters are changing and you don't want to travel alone,

Join me!


How does it work?



  • Where: Palm Beach Gold Coast [ Venue TBA ]
  • When: Friday evenings closest to the new moon
  • Time: 6.30 – 9.30pm
  • Starting: 16th February


  • A cushion to sit on
  • Comfortable clothing
  • A water bottle
  • A shawl or wrap to keep you warm


Thank you for your interest!