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Sometimes our issues become too involved and too big to unravel alone. Sometimes our memories become way too painful.

Sometimes we exhaust the friends that we seek counsel from, or we realise we have gone beyond their skill level.

These are the times we go looking for a counsellor.


If you are seeking support and deep womanly insight from a psychotherapist who can meet your soul and heart and see you beyond your stories, then Lhamo is your answer.

Travelling through your body's wisdom and freeing your inner self from inherited patterns or childhood hurts is part of her speciality. So is returning you to the deep place of innocence and peace in your sexuality, self love, mothering and authentic communication. Lhamo will help you come home to trusting your most loving self and your deepest knowing.

If you are seeking understanding and to be heard deeper than you words and clearer than surface issues, if you are ready to truly heal by accessing your own innate wisdom, then book your time with Lhamo now.

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Initail sessions are usually 90 minutes long and can be in person or via Skype, Zoom or phone.

Personal sessions are available in Palm Beach, Gold Coast


About Lhamo

After years studying Somatic Psychotherapy, Shadow Work, Family Constellations and Creative Therapies then practicing as a Reproductive Loss and Trauma Counsellor for 10+ years, Lhamo's call to Ministry was her observation that every one of her clients ultimately struggled with two things, love and fear. Lhamo's desire to work at this causal level became her call to Ministry, her desire to access clear spiritual wisdom and support her client's mastery as they let go of struggle and return to their own self validation, inner strength and Love.

With warm, deep, insightful presence Lhamo's sessions take you to the core of your issues and blocks. Then with compassion, skill, compassionate understanding and safety, she will journey with you as you re-member the powerful freedom and peace of who you truly are.

You will benefit from a Personal session when:

  • You are seeking peace and clarity within your mother daughter relationships
  • You are ready to clear your emotional patterns from a core level
  • You are healing blocks and seeking balance in your relationships with men and masculinity
  • You are journeying with your own women's circle and encountering issues within your group
  • You would like radical clarity, clear skills and courageous honesty to replace toxic relationship patterns
  • You are awakening your Sacred Feminine wisdom and would like deeper body, heart and mind integration and connection
  • You are journeying with Lhamo in her on-line or in person courses, retreats and workshops
  • You are desiring to deepen your own unique spiritual path through Motherhood

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