2018 Sacred Woman Circle Leader Training

Participant Places are Strictly Limited

Applications Open: 2018

Location: Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

Voluntary Placement Practicum and Certification Available



Guided by Lhamo, an Interfaith Minister with over 30 years of embodied mystical experience, you will learn to live as a modern-day circle leader of impeccable integrity and deep devotion. During this 9-month training, you will be tenderly held and transformed as you face your feminine shadows, clear your leadership sabotage and exit patterns and experience feminine mystery initiations. By the end of the training, you will have insights and sacred tools to serve as Priestess in your world.


What would it mean to live as a

Sacred Woman?

Imagine there’s no separation from your ‘sacred’ work in the world and how you show up at a family gathering or a busy supermarket.

Imagine what it would mean to bring your Priestess presence to a full-blown toddler tantrum, or an argument with your partner, or the sick and the dying, or your own mother, or your sneakiest shadow self? What would it mean to live as a Sacred Woman here on Earth?

Sacred Woman Circle Leader Training is for women deeply called to live their spiritual calling with grounded and mature awareness, so they can live as a woman of service and inspiration at all times.

This training is not simply an introduction to your own healing, circle facilitation or how to lay a crystal grid or learn the phases of the moon. This is for women who are truly ready to unleash their divine capacity to serve their world in transformational and revolutionary ways.

This course is an opportunity for you to anoint yourself with sovereign knowing of how to be a Sacred Woman in your own world. Your integrity, your dignity and your sacred work. You being the living difference you need to see in your world.

You are playing by the safe shore of the sacred.

This is your invitation to dive into deeper waters.

Let’s discover your greatest treasures.

During the training, you will awaken, trust and lead from your Embodied Mystical and Sacred Feminine Knowing.

When you gain both the mystical and practical experience of leading others from your body's wisdom. You will uncover just how powerfully your soul gift can fulfil you in every area of your personal and professional life.

You will:

Learn to hold immaculate women's circles and space
Craft your own deeply sacred, multi-layered rituals and ceremonies
Discover how to trust, form and hold the etheric and subtle body experiences of your group
Explore dance, sexuality, presence and silence as transformative practices
Learn the craft of sacred witnessing
Discover your capacity to transform others through your compassionate presence
Gracefully maintain your Boundaries, Intentions and Soul Dignity with impeccable integrity
Facilitate tender and challenging issues with humility, transparency and aware listening
Shift the shame, fear and inner blocks that stop you from being in unconditional sisterhood
Unleash and allow your radiant conduit of Sacred Feminine Wisdom
Explore your own fathomless  women’s body wisdom so you can lead your world from the inside out!



I use to look outside of myself to see what I wanted to bring into my sacred work, whereas now I've finished the training, I really feel within myself to what it is that wants to come out.

I recommend this course because it was filled with encouragement for me to find my own way to lead, create and hold sacred space. This is my kind of self-empowerment. Most training teaches you a system, Lhamo teaches you to find your own way.

If you want to be radically authentic with where you are at and what you are creating in your sacred work, Lhamo is your Priestess.

Tani aged 32



If you are thinking about joining DO IT!!

In this course I faced a big chunk of my shadow, I discovered my voice and during the training I took a big leap of faith, launched my own sacred work, I literally felt the fear and did it anyway. The universe truly does have my back!!

Lhamo is an amazing woman who exudes understanding, mysticism and light. Her knowledge is so deep and so interesting I could listen to her for days, but most importantly she teaches that her way isn’t the only way, that we can each bring our own uniqueness to our circles.

If you are thinking of joining DO IT! Don’t hesitate, it will change your life as it has done mine.

Hannah Wildman aged 42


  • Women’s Circle Facilitators wanting to be a bridge between their sacred work and their mainstream community
  • Women who have awakened their inner apprenticeship to the Divine Feminine and ready to deepen their journey to live Her sacred purpose in all aspects of their life
  • Women who work with small informal groups of women and want to deepen their capacity to hold it all
  • Women running mother & daughter groups and seeking accessible sacred body wisdom
  • Women who want to lead in softer bodied, less guarded, more authentically open & reverently feminine ways
  • Yoga teachers, Sound healers and Light workers wishing to powerfully and effectively serve their world with activism and presence
  • Leaders, who are already holding women’s circles and know they need to deepen their capacity to hold the wild feminine, strengthen their boundaries and sharpen their compassionate insight.
  • Coaches, Counselors, Social Workers, Teachers and Complimentary & Holistic Health Practitioners who want to take their wisdom from 1:1 clients into sacred group work and activism
  • Women called to live devoted to the unfoldment of their spiritual lives while staying grounded and of service to their communities

Sacred Woman Curriculum Covers:

Core Modules include:

  • Ancestress Healing & Wisdom
  • Priestess Arts
  • Women’s Sacred Sexual Anatomy
  • Circle Craft (Includes the creation of a Ritual & Ceremony Handbook)
  • Spiritual Listening Skills
  • Sacred Service Practicum


See Core Module Descriptions for details and key dates.

Electives include:

  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Shadow Dancing
  • Beholding Trauma in Women's Circles
  • Mother-Daughter Circle Craft


Key Dates: Elective weekends


Priestess Initiation Weekend


What exactly will you learn?



Ancestress Healing & Wisdom

Noun: Healing One’s Maternal Lineage

To awaken your inner Priestess, we must start with an exploration of who you are, as a daughter and as a woman, born of your Mother’s inheritance. In this intensive module, you’ll awaken your Ancestressal power, connection and wisdom as you actively understand, heal and transform your Mother Line. You will then learn how to lead others from this healed and power filled way of being



Priestess Arts

Every woman has her own embodied spiritual intelligence. This module is covered throughout the entire training. During 21 weeks of sacred circles, you will layer by layer uncover your own deep sacred wisdom while practising the tools, behaviours and competencies that will enable you to live with spiritual integrity and embodied mysticism.

Our aim for you to be a conduit of your most Divine and transparent self. Nothing to hide, your sacredness embodied completely.



Circle Craft

Through the entire training you will have numerous opportunities to practice and be mentored in the practical skills and energetic arts of holding impeccably safe and sacred women’s circle work. You will learn profound group-work tools and experience mystery initiations that will give you irrefutable proof that you truly know you walk your Sacred Woman talk.

Completing this core competency requires: the creation of your own ritual and ceremonial handbook.



Sacred Sexual Radiance

In this core module intensive you will deepen your own experiential mysticism through your own psycho–sexual anatomy. Over two weekend intensives we will explore the combined intelligence of Taoist, Tantric and modern scientific research in an accessible way and open to the techniques that will transform your understanding of your own intimate female biology and awaken your authentic and sacred embodied Feminine Radiance.



Spiritual Listening Skills

Throughout the course, you will practice expressing your embodied truth and authenticity by artfully using sacred listening and speaking tools. Gentle by voice, sacred by nature, you will learn the fearless boundary work and radical truth-telling that being a Sacred Woman requires.



Sacred Service Practicum

You will be required to undertake a sacred service practicum, during which you will be supported to take your sacred gifts/ passion out into your community. As part of this practicum you will complete documentation of your experience.



Radiant Sovereign Priestesshood

In this module we will weave your months of training and re-membering together with exploration of sacred rituals and mystical initiations from various world spiritual paths and religions.
There will also be a rigorous focus on learning the skills that will enable you to be a heart connected communicator, a non-violent mediator and sacred interrupter of oppression and supremacy of any kind. Through internal discipline and self-trust your embodied sovereign spirituality and will become your own unshakeable source of inner guidance and continual awakening.

Included in this module is a profound weekend of Sacred Priestess Rites and Initiation.


Training Extras


  • Additional rituals and ceremonies during Solstice and Equinox
  • 2 x 1:1 personal session with Lhamo (to be used within the course duration)
  • Open nights when you can bring your heart sisters and friends to witness and experience the magic
  • Personal guidance in the creation of your sacred priestess handbook
  • Access to a Sacred Woman only resources and learning guides

Sacred women training is right for you if...

  • You know your spiritual calling is also your deepest healing and you are both humbled and have to give life to your sacred gifts
  • Investing $6k in yourself feels life-giving and inspiring and does not throw you into financial unrest
  • If you are ready to live from the truth of your authentic spirituality and own your sovereignty in all that you do
  • You are committed to unfurling your own soul filled spiritual power and crafting it into a vocation that supports and fuels you
  • You are craving the support and accountability of a sisterhood of women also passionately committed to living their Sovereignty
  • You are ready to birth your sacred work and know yourself from the inside out as a grounded sacred priestess in your world
  • You are ready to be real and completely congruent in all that you say, act and do ~ privately and publicly

Sacred women training NOT right for you if …

  • Your spirituality is only as deep as your branding and you’re more interested in reading, researching and commenting than being the difference in your world
  • If you want to keep your professional self separate from the truth of your inner life
  • You are in personal or financial or spiritual turmoil and investing in self-development and spiritual care feels painful
  • You are looking for a guru or a mother figure to tell you what to think, how to heal and what to do
  • If drama and emotional processing is more interesting than showing up, facing your own truth and taking action
  • You are unwilling to take responsibility for being fully seen or for how you experience the world
  • Your capacity for glamour and your emotional armour are more interesting than being transparent, vulnerable and free
  • If now is not the time to invest your presence, your energy or your time in deepening and living your soul self and spiritual work

I joined because I needed to be held by other women, I needed safety for what is coming and I wanted commitment and activation to my path. I am taking away from this training a sense of comfort and expansion, a strength in my own uniqueness and a strength in my femininity.

I absolutely recommend this training! It shows and guides you to find your own way of creating beautiful unique women’s circles and to be accountable for your own work, master your craft and exercise your self-respect.

Lhamo sees women from the heart. She will guide you gently to find your own way to master your emotions, release of your trauma and create something beautiful if you wish. Her knowledge and inner wisdom will hold your deepest secrets and make way to find your soul purpose. In this training, you can bring life to the genuine you that is waiting to be released.

Florencia Stafforinin aged 39


Lhamo’s breadth and depth of wisdom will inspire you to uncover more of your own. True to the title sacred woman : Sovereign Training, this course was all about intention, clarity and connecting to what feels true for each person.

I specifically enjoyed learning aspects of my herstory, the Priestess Arts, sacred witnessing, and wise speaking and listening. Through this training my commitment to my own path has strengthened, I’m aware of where I’ve been hiding and I have a greater awareness of containment and my thirst for uncovering herstories has reached new levels.

This training gave me practical skills to hold space and many Ah-ha moments specifically about what was authentic for me. If you feel called to do the training, follow it. Lhamo’s message truly is centred on Sovereignty and self-mastery.

Julie Hayes aged 37


When you can bow down to the Divine – both within yourself and in others –
you can serve from the deepest deep place of reverence.

You can become proficient in the ways of a Priestess while wearing ordinary clothes, without oracle cards or oils,
in the midst of the messiest human experiences.

What it takes is rigorous discipline to the voice of Sacred Love within you.


I found the whole course accessible, comprehensive and applicable. It offered me great tools in building my vision of my own sovereignty, from logistics to skills, to holding my objectives and actually creating my sacred work.

I use to compare myself to other women, I sized them up and I judged them AND myself. Now I take a breath and consider what part of myself I may need to go deeper into-me-see. Now I know what it is to see through the hologram and see all women as part of me.

If you are thinking about joining - Do it! There is so much valuable content covered and Lhamo just holds such beautiful equanimous space. She holds you to do your own work, to do you. In my sacred work, I am now doing Me and that’s all I want to be.

Christine Crane aged 37



I use to make decisions from my head, now I make decisions from my heart. I feel more empowered as a woman and feel more connected to my body. This training has helped me embody love and helped me connect to myself on such a deep level. I would have resisted joining because of my fear about being articulate enough, now I have busted my fear of being seen and heard and I feel confident holding space for other women.

Lhamo is such an empowering woman who holds herself with such respect and integrity. Thankyou Lhamo for helping me come back to myself. This training is like no other and the amount of knowledge and wisdom bestowed upon participants is paramount. Your work is phenomenal, thank you Lhamo.

Phoebe Milenkovic aged 39



Self doubt could have been a hurdle that stopped me from joining, but thankfully, the call within myself to give other women the chance to experience sacred circles was more important. In this training I learnt greater self awareness, increasing containment and the grace of holding circle.

Lhamo teaches from a place of true empowerment and not from a marketing funnel mentality. She really does say ‘don’t follow me but find your own path’ and then she provides the tools to do this.

If you are aching to reconnect with Spirit and release your soul work, then sign up. Bring, your fears, bring your hopes, bring your wisdom and trust in the journey. Lhamo’s work is priceless.

Julie O’Neil aged 45


Lhamo xx

Your body of sacred knowledge is within you. This training will equip you with a skill set that brings your innate treasures to the surface. It deepens your devotion to Her, the Divine within. If you are serious about the responsibility of the Priestess role, in your most humble and human form, this course will support you to live your embodied mysticism with simplicity and grace.