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Membership Sanctuary Subscription

Your MotherQuest Continues


Keep your MotherQuest journey alive

 You have spent over a year exploring your inner terrain and awakening to the limitless wisdom of the Sacred Mother within you

You have awakened new ways of expressing yourself and being a woman.

You have discovered how to recognise when you are in the grips of your shadow gremlins.

You are now ready to journey your MotherQuests on your own ... but wouldn't it be great to

stay connected and keep travelling
with your sisters?


Stay connected to your MotherQuest community

Have 12 months access to all JourneyWomen materials

Receive Guidance on journeying a year with Bone Mother

Receive discounts and bonus offers to MotherQuest retreats and Mystery Keeper Training.

Investment Structure

Membership site Subscrition

x 12 monthly payments
  • Valid until 1st Dec 2019
    Full access to all Journey Women Material

Membership Site Subscription

Pay in Full
  • Valid until 1st Dec 2019
    Full access to all Journey Women Material

Logistics & Details


From sign up you will be given access to the MotherQuest Membership and full access to each MotherQuest Module as it monthly unfolds.

  • You will also receive access to a private Facebook page where you can stay connected to your MotherQuest sisters and be reminded to start your new Module each month.
  • On 14th January you will also receive access to a video and written teachings on how to journey with Bone Mother for a whole year.
  • If you do decide to join the Mystery Keeper Deepening in March you will only pay for the training.


This membership does not give access to the Mystery Keeper Training starting in March 2019.

Personal Deepening Package

Additional Support

Have you been going through a challenging time? Are you also seeking mentorship or counselling?

As a member of the MotherQuest community, you are able to access Lhamo's insight, nurturing and wisdom through a yearly Personal Support package of six personal sessions at nearly half price ($999). Only a limited number are available.

If interested, please speak with Lhamo about this.