13 Mandalas of Sacred Mother Wisdom
4 Levels of Self-Exploration
One Essential Quest


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MotherQuest is an opportunity for you to be held, supported and nurtured as you awaken, explore and embody your unique and authentic spiritual path through your mothering years.

In a world where we are pushed to prematurely name and claim and teach others, this is an essential inner quest to know and to feel.

Gifted to Lhamo under the blood red Mars-Lunar eclipse in December 2011 and unfolded during a 12 month series of visions in 2012, MotherQuest covers four different levels of 13 internal archetypal aspects of Sacred Mother Wisdom.

By internal archetypes, we mean personal, individuated and unique to only you, aspects of the Sacred Feminine within you. Not Goddesses of ancient or other cultures, not templates of astrological imprints and not interpretations of the feminine lifespan.

The wisdom mandalas of MotherQuest are gateways, commitments and initiations for you to journey through so you can awaken, explore and live from the foundation of universal wisdom that is within you - while - you are in the middle of your
crazy, busy and imperfectly perfect mothering world.

MotherQuest is a vast, grounded, practical, psychological and mystical course that has one purpose: to return your whole life to joy. This 13 Month MotherQuest is to heal the blocks, uncover your soul, embody your truth and live in the mastery of your most authentic self.

MotherQuest supporting your unique spiritual path through your mothering years.




“I was looking for something, but I didn't know what it was. I'd reached a point in my life where I knew the changes in my relationships had to come from me. MotherQuest has been the most amazing journey of spirit and wisdom.

I’m now living a life in complete alignment to my needs, desires, my gifts and my joy. This had previously seemed so difficult and unattainable. I am now a better mother."

- Kylie Emmerton Aged 39

Who is

MotherQuest for?

In our mothering years, whether we are mothering our small people, our creative projects or pets, there often feels like little room for joy, or the space to connect to something deeper.

Buried under the to-do list, or the laundry basket or the seething resentment lying just below the surface is the constant call to Know Thy Self. It wakes us up at 3 am. It bursts out on day 28 of our cycle. It causes a tension between the demands we are given and our yearning within. This unrelenting pull creates a stretch that eventually causes us to break -- our ties, our relationships and bodies. But what happens if it doesn’t need to be this way?

What if you could find a way to 

become the Love you've been waiting for?


Who would you be if you could trust,

Your Own

Strength, Knowing, Fierce Love

and Creative Power?

What could happen if your greatest quest could be to live in integrity to the sacred wisdom inside yourself?

What might happen if you don’t have to follow another’s path, culturally appropriate another spiritual tradition or stumble around in bookshops or internet wastelands looking for something that could actually show you the way?

What would happen if all you need is a metaphorical ladder and a light to show you how to climb deeply into

your own Sacred Mother Wisdom?

We know we have to go deeper inside ourselves

to find our way to fully, fearlessly
and authentically be alive.



MotherQuest sacredly serves

  • Women in their mothering years, generally aged 35 and above
  • Women who are mothering creative projects, soul babies and spirit filled communities
  • Women who are nurturing people in the workplace
  • Women whose daily mothering of their quirky sensitive children stretches them beyond their breaking point
  • Women who want to heal and transform their maternal lineage
  • Women who need tangible tools and spiritual insight to use in the reality of their daily lives
  • Women who are craving lasting peace and are ready to do the inner work it takes to manifest it
  • Women who want to deepen and enrich their relationships to with their female friends, partners or lovers
  • Women who are sick of following other pathways and gurus
  • Women ready to drink the deep water of their own sacred wisdom and claim their sovereignty and spirituality from the inside out
  • Women ready to mother their authentic and sovereign inner self and live deeply connected to the soul



“Working with the Divine Feminine and doing circle work that Lhamo offers has been the most beautiful gift I have given myself. It has given me the space to see clearly, space to dance - with my Spirit, space to face my shadow and even dance with her (read begrudgingly stomping!)

This knowledge has run true for me from the moment I heard it. Lhamo has the most amazing way of presenting this wisdom, she weaves the story basket so magically that I have seen women drawn in as if they are the story. There is safety, respect, nurturing and profound truth in this space with MotherQuest. Thankyou Lhamo for being the conduit of bringing this knowledge to me.”

- Reema Narayan Aged 40

Women Who have Journeyed Through MotherQuest Report These Benefits

Decreased conflict and increased acceptance within family relationships
New openness and softening due to prioritising self kindness in their life


More focused patience and increased capacity to stay lovingly available to the needs of children
Radical moments of self acceptance and spontaneous reductions of anxiety, self doubt and fear
Increased connection with the rhythms and beauty of natural life within herself and her environment
Decreased resentment towards partners and lovers 


Sexual fire reignites (and it's not just due to letting go of resentment)
New ability to speak with fearless compassion without getting needy, lost in anger or silenced in niceness
Increased confidence to allow their authentic expression of creative life
the ability to articulate crystal clear boundaries and profound new levels of self-acceptance and self-repeat
Multiple orgasms (Please Note: We cannot guarantee these results)
A greater skillfulness in handling conflict and finding solutions with life’s challenges
Increased self-dignity, knowing of sovereignty and gritty self respect
A deeper interior silence of self-validation and spiritual connection
A knowing that they truly are the love they have been searching for


“Initially I was not sure whether MotherQuest would be a wise investment. Now I can’t imagine that anything else could have taken me to the depths of understanding I have found within myself!
I love that MotherQuest is so specific to my journey of womanhood. I think there are very valuable and crucial experiences to being a woman that society does not support or celebrate which robs us of our power. Not aggressive power, but deep, authentic, centred, wise, peaceful and loving power.
Lhamo's gentle, firm but always loving guidance has taken me on a journey I really needed to go on. It's like having open heart surgery with Lhamo as a most wise, skillful and loving surgeon. I’m reclaiming lost parts of me, discovering hidden depths and learning to let go in order to become free. I am finding deeper love, wisdom, peace and purpose. I am valuing myself as a whole woman."

- Megan Forward Aged 47


We get real. There’s no point ‘learning’ about sacred mother wisdom from an intellectual point of view while you continue living out repetitive patterns and unhealthy relationship dynamics. MotherQuest is an interior journey for women who understand that anything worth learning must be lived, from the inside out.

MotherQuest has the capacity to meet you where you are, awakened or not and with tender skill, compassion and truth, take you beyond the shadowy inner landscapes where you forget that you are good or wise or lovable and
connects you with the interior strength of your soul.

This is a powerful place.

This is the reconnection to your embodied mysticism and the golden truth of your Spiritual Knowing, or Gnosis.

Where you know what you know - because you embody it.

Then we go even deeper.

MotherQuest can take you (and it's not for the faint-hearted) into the egoless knowing of Universal Wisdom while giving you the skills to live from this inner sense in every aspect of your every day, uniquely perfect and imperfect human life.


MotherQuest work?

Journey Woman Program

Awakening your Quests


For first time participants in MotherQuest's Journey Woman program, we will meet once a month on the weekend closest to the full moon, for 13 months.

During our time together we will explore how we individually travelled with the inner terrain of each Mother Wisdom Mandala. Then together we will open to the teaching of the next Mother.

You will then have a month to personally journey with each Mother and unlock her gnosis within you. To help you do this you will be tenderly invited to undertake a series of inner quests.

Each quest task is an invitation to make the knowing of your soul real.

Each quest task is an ego busting process to unlock your own Sacred Mother Wisdom.

Tenderly, consistently and determinedly, the quests will peel away beliefs, notions and worldly hurts to uncover the deep truths that live within the ecology of your soul.

  • You will be held and witnessed in an incredibly safe and sacred circle of sisters. Women just like you who are journeying their own MotherQuest. No women's journey is the same, though what is shared is the genuine love, care, admiration, and acceptance of each other.
  • You will experience how to own your dark and sneaky shadows and return your erroneous unloving beliefs back to love. You will learn to dance in your Shadowlands and set your soul free.
  • You will learn how to nurture yourself, down to your spiritual core, and then rise up with practical tools that will keep you grounded (in the middle of your very real midlife) and connected to your deep wisdom.
  • MotherQuest will center you in your own foundation of self-acceptance instead of self-judgment and from that place of Mystery, you will open to an unimaginable depths of love.
  • Each month you will open to profound new ways of enriching your strength, peace, wisdom, presence, creativity, self-kindness and joy. You will find your own answers to questions you didn't know you were asking and you will find the deep inner water of sacredness you have been yearning for.
  • You will be instructed to carry through a series of practical tasks to facilitate your own direct experience of each Mother Mandala. You will find your face and your unique flavour of sacred feminine spirituality and use her wisdom in every area of your life.

In 2019 there are two ways

To become a Journey Woman




For women living on the Southern Gold Coast or ready to travel to monthly circles, you are warmly invited to join our In-person Journey Woman program.


Online Intensive


For women living more than 60 minutes drive, Interstate or Internationally, you are invited to join our intimate intensive online Journey woman training.



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Mystery Keeper Initiation

Deepening Your Quests


For returning MotherQuest graduates in the Mystery Keepers program, your Journey Woman training continues - only this time we go deep, stay deep and commit to not just awakening but living the sacred wisdom within you. This is a six-month journey through the first six Mandalas.

Once again we will also meet monthly (this time close to the Dark Moon) and spend a whole month with each Mother Mandala. We will refresh your Awakening Journey and your dance with your shadow selves, though this time your focus is not just on liberating yourself from specific shadow gremlins but to also teach you the soul freedom of how to live the Power Aspect of each Mother Mandala.

After seven years of journeying one Mother Mandala each year, I now understand the clear structure of the first six Mandalas.

Each Power Aspect holds three different matrixes:

  • How to embody this teaching and live it with your creative children.
  • How to stay rooted with each Mother and be Her with your partner and world
  • How to open yourself to behold and become this aspect as a conduit of the Divine

You will learn how to live your monthly womb cycle closely connected to your interior mysticism so that you can constantly access your own soul guidance, intuition and authority.

Every month you will also have only one clearly defined quest, a specific invitation to live your life as a self-trusting and sovereign spirit guided woman of integrity.

This is a sovereign exploration of your embodied soul and a full throttle unpacking of your spiritual authenticity. This return journey is both a homecoming and a self-initiation into being the Keeper of your own Mysteries.


Frequently Asked Questions



“Through MotherQuest I have faced and identified my shadows, some of which I would never have been able to see without this course. These are shadows that have been holding me back from joy, bliss and love for decades. The transformational processes taught by Lhamo in the course really do enable a powerful ownership of and transformation of disabling shadow into light, truth and love.”

- Cassie Shepard Aged 42





“This is an incredible investment in yourself that will ripple out into every aspect of your life. Lhamo is an amazingly wise and compassionate woman who understands the challenges and joys of being a woman and mother. MotherQuest is her passion and this is obvious in her teaching. She has the capacity to create safe and sacred space, see each participant, hold them all in love and challenge that which does not serve them. She has an incredible generosity when teaching and the capacity to facilitate deep healing. She strongly stands up for what she believes and I believe that her work is truly changing the world for the better.”

- Leonie Hamilton Aged 47



“MotherQuest popped into my life at the right time. I was very ready to dive deeper into my world and start feeling and seeing the real me. This course has helped me uncover my layers in a supportive and loving environment, while gently urging me to be brave and going just that little bit further with facing my fears. Every month I learnt new tools to place into my sacred toolkit and left with knowing that more will reveal itself.
MotherQuest’s womens circle work is such a powerful experience to feed your body, your soul and allow vulnerability to escape. The stories shared are unbelievably powerful and will help you to see more within yourself. The notes supplied are amazing and I know that even after the course has finished I can keep using the tools with clarity. It really is a gift to your soul to do this course; Lhamo is such a beauty and an amazing facilitator who holds a very strong but delicate circle. You know you are spiritually guided and wrapped with her safe loving hands.”

- Fiona Elliot Aged 43




"My ears first pricked up when I came across the name MotherQuest as a mother of 6, I am always open to activities that are going to support me in my mothering. However, don't be fooled into thinking that the name MotherQuest is only for mothers. It's for women. Young and old and in between.
Lhamo is the most authentic woman I've had the honour to meet. An amazing facilitator who is so skilled at creating an atmosphere of love and support that you only feel safe, nurtured and heard.
What Lhamo has created and is now sharing with the world, is not just a journey that One embarks upon with other women, but a journey back home, to yourself. I am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this work and urge any woman who may feel drawn or curious to step into it. It truly is an extraordinary adventure."

- Kyla Levi Aged 45

MotherQuest is...

An awakening, a deepening and a returning to living an internally defined, sacredly centred life. It is not a step by step formula, it is not a program that requires you to believe anything and it is also not a map. It is a series of mandalas, beautiful internal explorations of the inner terrains of your sovereignly defined spiritual life.

It is not easy, it will require you to wake up. It is not for the faint hearted, you will have to Do The Work. You will have to own your shadow, take ownership of your creations and be the flame of your own inner fire. By doing this, MotherQuest will return you to who you truly are, a 

Strong Sacred Woman made for our times.