After twelve years of working with women and their mother-daughter relationships, I’ve realised there are not too many of us who, at some time, haven’t labelled their mother a martyr. Without perhaps knowing the larger why, we do know how, and exactly when, our mothers sacrificed themselves or manipulated their suffering, to get needs met.

But there aren’t many of us who are ready to see how we too, in our own way, have been martyrs.

I’m saying this for two reasons.

Firstly, peri-menopause is a truth-telling initiation of fire. The great estrogen goddess within requires ruthless self-evaluation as she biologically exits the building. It’s impossible to loiter in grey self-deception when our menopausal queen wants to leave us electrified and rainbow-like. Any woman still moodling around denial will, by her mid-forties, be forced to face exactly how she has created the world inside and around her.

For the most part, there is no greater grey place than the cumulonimbus of our issues around money, self-worth, value and survival.

The second reason I am writing this is that it’s time for Ancestresscy again. 

Twice a year I run my sacred online ancestral and mother-daughter healing course. Seven weeks where we can see how many things, including our beliefs about our intrinsic self-worth (aka money issues), are deeply enmeshed in the wounded threads of our childhood and MotherLine.

  • If you played out the role of the neglected or not-quite-as-good-as the other sibling, your not-good-enough patterns will show up in your inability to ask for a pay rise.
  • If you experienced abandonment or rejection from your mama, then facing any form of conflict, especially around money, is going to throw you into panic and fear for your survival.
  • If you became your mother’s rescuer and had to abandon your sense of self to carry her emotional load, you might find yourself continually dropping your prices, because carrying other people’s worries (or financial insecurities) feels so familiar.

Sorry to break it to you, but if you are doing any of the above, you like me, have been reclining on a well-justified cross of your own (perhaps unconscious) making. Underneath every mother-daughter struggle or wounding is a psycho-emotional imprint around your value.

Here are three ways healing your mother-daughter issues will help you with your wealth:

  • Do the work to heal your belonging and then hand back your wounded patterns around your value and you will experience a shift. Women are always stronger and feel priceless when they know they belong.
  • Hand back your wounded family beliefs and take responsibility for becoming the parent you needed your mother to be and you will also experience a shift. Giving up wounded daughter thinking is powerful, it not only releases financial baggage, it gives you emotional sovereignty.
  • But add all three together, stand in your maternal belonging, become savvy about the family beliefs that no longer serve you AND grow the skills to be the parent you have been waiting for, then you will not only dissolve money blocks, you will also shift your family stuff completely.

This is the work we do in Ancestresscy, we open up a whole treasure trove of value, celebration, belonging and loved up possibilities. We also heal our mother-daughter wrestles, including our value, right down to the soul.

Are you joining us? Doors close this Saturday, 4th of May. Click here to join

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