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Shattering Darkness : A Shadow course for men

About This Class

A six-week in-person course. Numbers are limited. Now open for enrolment.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
― Carl Gustav Jung

Your wife has lost it and her rage is storming around her like a cyclone.
And you stay calm, connected to love, present and available.

Your Dad has come over and the irritation has started again, so has his nit-picking criticisms. And you stay solid, confident and centred in your power.

Your old friend calls up, he’s landed a dream job, ticked off another bucket list and upscaled his life. And you meet him in his joy, celebrating his win and don’t for a second fall into darkness.

Why? Because you have owned your shadow.

You have found the gold, the strength of your unlimited confidence inside you and the voices of shame, jealousy, inadequacy, projection, rejection, resentment, anger or persecution are silent.

You have opened to the light of your unconscious past and you’ve started navigating your unexplored darkness. You have started your heart warrior training. You have learnt to go deeper than your ego, down into soul, down into the equanimity and peace of your embodied divine humanity.

You have started the great work of emotional responsibility.

You no longer expect your partner or parents or workmates or children to carry the projections of your disowned self. You are ready to feel it all and own it all. You are ready to set yourself free. You are ready to shatter your inner darkness.

Drawing on twenty years of counselling clients on their unconscious inner hurts and ten years of journeying with women through their Shadowlands in MotherQuest, in 2020 Lhamo created Shadow Dancer a 22 day online intensive.

“This course cracked me wide open. The beginning was gentle and so refreshing to be reminded of my light. Then a gremlin came to play. I went deep, holding tight onto the teachings within the course and came out lighter, clearer and with a stronger faith in my own ability to heal and walk my path.” – Fiona Elliot, Spiritual Nutritionist

Shattering Darkness is an in-person version of this course, held in the container of a six-week men’s circle.

Exploring our inner darkness and lost selves is not only the most essential work for thriving in these times, it’s also a requirement for spiritual adulthood and self-mastery.

This course utilises: Somatic therapies, Buddhist psychotherapy, Dakini Shadow Work, Gnostic wisdom, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Transactional analysis, Family Constellations, MotherQuest Wisdom and 30 years of Women’s Sacred Circles.

Shadow work is the path of the sacred heart. It will set you free.

COURSE STARTS MONDAY 5th OCTOBER – 9th NOVEMBER 2020. 6.30pm – 9.30pm.

Three payment options:
$795 : Six-week course + 90 min session with Lhamo + Workbook
$595 : Six-week course + workbook
$450 : Concession rate (one places available)
Join now. Numbers are limited [COVID]. Sign up with the ticket link above.

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October 5
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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Space 10 Hall, Palm Beach GC
10th Avenue
PALM BEACH, QLD 4221 Australia