You have been called to lead

Circles of Women

to feel connected, explore the mystical and powerfully make a difference
in our world. The only problem is you have no clue of

where to start ?


Start Here! Next training begins 18th January 2020!


Maybe you are a wise woman in your community ( admit it ) or you're the mama brave enough to create a new way of relating in your community or you're committed to making a difference. Maybe you are a healer or have a spiritual calling and it’s time to powerfully set your soul baby on fire.

Or perhaps you are already a leader of women, but your yearning for depth has made you confront your need for new skills, self-healing and real-world training. And that you need this now.

You are yearning for a learning opportunity that will take you to new levels of womanly insight, mystical depth and skilful ability so you can powerfully deliver your unique Sacred Feminine Gifts into our world.


Since 2012 the Sacred Feminine has been rising. Wave after wave of women have been hearing the call to stand in their power, spread out their wings and explore deeper levels of sisterhood, connection and empowerment. 

and now it's 2020. It's Your Time!

I’m Reverend Lhamo Lotscher and holding women’s circles since my teens has been like attending a sacred university. There is no better way to embody mysticism and bring soul work alive than in sacred circles of women. 

When women come together and talk about our bodies, our sexuality, our rites of passage and our inner selves - understanding, education and therefore change - happens. And then, when the Sacred, our collective knowing of the Divine as Feminine sits in the centre of that circle ~ magic happens ~ it is the stuff of miracles.

Women are powerful when we sit in sacred circles. It's no wonder this has been forbidden for thousands of years.

Now with women's circles becoming mainstream, I can see the manifestation of my greatest dream …


Every woman, if she chooses to, at every life stage and rite of passage, can be surrounded and supported by a circle of everyday real-life wise women.

Unfortunately, I know of the danger of this popularity, too. White women’s ‘learnt-in-a-book’ spirituality can also co-opt this resurgence of our embodied, womanly and authentic call to meaning. A circle held badly can cause more harm than good. While a circle held too superficially -- without the skills and tools to hold depth, shadow and trauma -- can become feeding grounds of wounded collusion, and can unintentionally contribute to the continuance of women’s inhumanity to other women. 

How will you honour your sacred


If you’ve had any of these concerns or experiences, I want to assure you:




In fact, you don’t have to follow or co-opt somebody else’s prescribed spiritual method.

You can gain the skills and self-mastery to unlock your own.

Welcome to ...

Sacred Woman

Circle Leaders Training


A comprehensive circle leadership training that takes Lhamo’s 30 years of bare-boned Sacred Circle work, Interfaith Spirituality, Somatic Psychotherapy, Assertiveness, Self Esteem, Conflict Resolution and Communication Facilitation Skills as well as the gnosis of her own divinely gifted courses, to enable you to birth YOUR soul work and vision of sacred community, wisdom and women’s leadership.

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In our grounded, women centred and transformational Sacred Women's Circle Training programs, you will learn how to unpack your Sacred Feminine gifts from the inside out. With reverence and play, you will learn the tools to inspire others while also staying connected to your most vulnerable feminine self.

You will skilfully be given opportunities to practice being an inspirational woman who leads her tribe with humility, uniqueness, equality, authenticity and sovereignty. Our aim is to support you to know from experience, that you really do have everything you need within you to hold and lead incredible women's circles.


If you are playing by the safe shore of the sacred.

This is your invitation to dive into deeper waters.

Let’s discover your gifts as a sacred leader of women


If you are thinking about joining DO IT!! 

In this course I faced a big chunk of my shadow, I discovered my voice and during the training I took a big leap of faith, launched my own sacred work, I literally felt the fear and did it anyway. The universe truly does have my back!! Lhamo is an amazing woman who exudes understanding, mysticism and light. Her knowledge is so deep and so interesting I could listen to her for days, but most importantly she teaches that her way isn’t the only way, that we can each bring our own uniqueness to our circles.

If you are thinking of joining DO IT! Don’t hesitate, it will change your life as it has done mine.

Hannah Wildman - Creator Shine Your Light 


choose the training that's

best for you


Launch your circle
Weekend intensive


Training designed to give you the tools, structure, safety and sacredness to confidently lead your own women's circles. This comprehensive training is ideal for women new to circle leadership or seeking greater confidence and skills.


Deepen your skills
4 - month Mentoring


Training designed to take your women’s circles into deeper terrain as you strengthen your authentic leadership. This personalised individual and group training is designed to broaden your wisdom and nourish your sacred arts.

What do we cover?

Launch your circle




In this beginners workshop, you will learn the essential practical tools to create, hold and lead a women’s circle.

If you’re new to Women’s Circles or know that something isn’t right in the current circle you lead, this training will provide the skills and training to enable you to lead with confidence, authenticity and confidence.

You will also receive a manual designed to be the adaptable bricks and mortar for you to pour your circle vision and passion into. Walk away from this weekend able to run a wonderfully enriching circle that keeps women coming back.

LOCATION : Palm Beach, QLD

NEW Dates: Jan 18 - 19th | 10 to 4pm

Training Includes


Deepen your skills


In the mastery training, you will build on from the weekend intensive and also learn how to create joy, nurture authenticity, hold the healing of trauma (without re-stimulating or re-wounding it), and behold angry and challenging participants.

You’ll gain knowledge and skills to make sure that your circle not only grows and supports you but becomes a place where your consciously created community thrives.

This 4-month mastery training is designed to hold and nourish you while you launch and run your first series of circles. Included in the training is the pre-course Clarify your Vision workbook, attendance at the Launch your Circle Workshop, two individual 45-minute mentoring sessions, 4 group sessions and invitations to join Ministry of She's Temple Evening as a facilitator.

LOCATION : Palm Beach, QLD

Dates: Jan 18 - 19 | 4 evenings TBA


Training Includes


I found the whole course accessible, comprehensive and applicable. It offered me great tools in building my vision from logistics to skills, to holding my objectives and actually creating my sacred work. I use to compare myself to other women, I sized them up and I judged them AND myself. Now I know what it is to see through the hologram and see all women as part of me.

If you are thinking about joining - Do it!  There is so much valuable content covered and Lhamo just holds such beautiful equanimous space. She holds you to do your own work, to do you. In my sacred work, I am now doing Me and that’s all I want to be. I am taking away from this training a sense of comfort and expansion, a strength in my own uniqueness and a strength in my femininity.   

Christine Crane aged 37



  • Women’s Circle Facilitators wanting to be a bridge between their sacred work and their mainstream community
  • Women who have awakened their inner apprenticeship to the Divine Feminine and ready to deepen their journey to live Her sacred purpose in all aspects of their life
  • Women who work with small informal groups of women and want to deepen their capacity to hold it all
  • Women running mother & daughter groups and seeking accessible sacred body wisdom
  • Women who want to lead in softer bodied, less guarded, more authentically open & reverently feminine ways
  • Yoga teachers, Sound healers and Light workers wishing to powerfully and effectively serve their world with activism and presence
  • Leaders, who are already holding women’s circles and know they need to deepen their capacity to hold the wild feminine, strengthen their boundaries and sharpen their compassionate insight.
  • Coaches, Counselors, Social Workers, Teachers and Complimentary & Holistic Health Practitioners who want to take their wisdom from 1:1 clients into sacred group work and activism
  • Women called to live devoted to the unfoldment of their spiritual lives while staying grounded and of service to their communities

"Lhamo’s breadth and depth of wisdom will inspire you to uncover more of your own. This course was all about intention, clarity and connecting to what feels true for each person.

I specifically enjoyed learning aspects of my herstory, the Priestess Arts, sacred witnessing, and wise speaking and listening. Through this training my commitment to my own path has strengthened, I’m aware of where I’ve been hiding and I have a greater awareness of containment and my thirst for uncovering herstories has reached new levels. This training gave me practical skills to hold space and many Ah-ha moments specifically about what was authentic for me. If you feel called to do the training, follow it. Lhamo’s message truly is centred on Sovereignty and self-mastery."

Julie Hayes aged 37


"I joined because I needed to be held by other women, I needed safety for what is coming and I wanted commitment and activation to my path. I absolutely recommend this training! It shows and guides you to find your own way of creating beautiful unique women’s circles and to be accountable for your own work, master your craft and exercise your self-respect. I am taking away from this training a sense of comfort and expansion, a strength in my own uniqueness and a strength in my femininity.

Lhamo sees women from the heart. She will guide you gently to find your own way to master your emotions, release of your trauma and create something beautiful if you wish. Her knowledge and inner wisdom will hold your deepest secrets and make way to find your soul purpose. In this training, you can bring life to the genuine you that is waiting to be released."

Florencia Stafforinin aged 39


Start your training


Launch your circle

JAN 12th - 13th

$695 $395 
Early Bird
  • Training for women new to leading circles
  • Take Home Manual included
  • Learn the essential skills to start your circle
  • Training designed to give you the tools, structure, safety and sacredness to confidently lead your own women's circles
  • Payment plan available
  • Early Bird ends Dec 25th 2018

Deepen your skills
7 week course

Feb 19th - Apr 2nd

$1445 $650 
Early Bird
  • Training for established circle leaders
  • Training materials provided
  • Step up as a leader of your community
  • Learn sacred and specific skills to deepen your own and your participants’ transformations
  • Payment plan available
  • Early Bird ends Dec 25th 2018

Deepen your skills
+ 7 week course


$1245 $995 
Early Bird
  • Training includes both packages
  • Significant savings.
  • The perfect option for the woman who is ready to be a Sacred Woman in her world.
  • Step up as a leader of your consciously grown community and women's circle
  • Payment plan available
  • Early Bird ends Dec 25th 2018

All payments processed through PayPal. Prices include GST. Please read the Terms of service before purchasing.

"I use to make decisions from my head, now I make decisions from my heart. I feel more empowered as a woman and feel more connected to my body. This training has helped me embody love and helped me connect to myself on such a deep level. I would have resisted joining because of my fear about being articulate enough, now I have busted my fear and I feel confident holding space for other women. Lhamo is such an empowering woman who holds herself with such respect and integrity. This training is like no other and the amount of knowledge and wisdom bestowed upon participants is paramount. Your work is phenomenal, Thankyou, for helping me come back to myself." 

Phoebe Milenkovic aged 39


"Self-doubt could have been a hurdle that stopped me from joining, but thankfully, the call within myself to give other women the chance to experience sacred circles was more important. In this training I learnt greater self-awareness, increasing containment and the grace of holding circle.

Lhamo teaches from a place of true empowerment and not from a marketing funnel mentality. She really does say ‘don’t follow me but find your own path’ and then she provides the tools to do this. If you are aching to reconnect with Spirit and release your soul work, then sign up. Bring, your fears, bring your hopes, bring your wisdom and trust in the journey. Lhamo’s work is priceless."

Julie O’Neil aged 45


"I use to look outside of myself to see what I wanted to bring into my sacred work, whereas now I've finished the training, I really feel within myself to what it is that wants to come out.

I recommend this course because it was filled with encouragement for me to find my own way to lead, create and hold sacred space. This is my kind of self-empowerment. Most training teaches you a system, Lhamo teaches you to find your own way. If you want to be radically authentic with where you are at and what you are creating in your sacred work, Lhamo is your Priestess."

Tani aged 32


With the rise of circles Also comes

the rise of training and teachers

How do you choose the one that is right for you?

The Sacred Woman training at Ministry of She not only provides a framework for you to launch your authentic work but offers the skills and insights to support your soulful uniqueness and individuality. It’s not prescriptive.

Is it possible to meet the goddess overnight? Of course!

Miracles are our birthright.

However, experience cannot be faked. I bring three decades of sacred circle work, Interfaith Ministry, the depth and breadth of psychotherapeutic tools and 20 years of offering my own Spirit-inspired work to this training. My commitment is delivering courses grounded with usefulness, wonderment and transparency.

At Ministry of She, you’re in safe hands.

Lhamo xx

It's time. The Sacred Feminine is rising.

What can you offer to your circles of women and community

to make a loving difference in your world?



Your body of sacred wisdom is within you.

This training will equip you with a skill set that deepens the level of trust and strengthens the boundaries required for participants to feel safe, inspired and transformed in your Women’s Circle. It will also support you to lead by example. If you are serious about the responsibility of Circle Leader role,




I understand that in this age of shiny spirituality, we can feel unsure about what is truly calling us and what is simply glamour and seduction. I also know that sometimes you just need to hear the voice of the human being behind the words on a page, so you can feel into whether this is right for you.

If that’s you, and you’d like to speak with me directly before you book the training, you’re welcome to schedule a free 15-minute call with me Reverend Lhamo Lotcher (not an assistant or facilitator -- directly with me). I've joyfully crafted this training for those women who are truly serious about the responsibility of a Circle Leader, and if that's you, I lovingly invite you to click the link below and schedule that time to talk with me. 

Lhamo xx