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MotherQuest : The Soul Landscape of Ancestresscy

Your Ancestresses are calling you. The ancient voices of your foremothers, the women of your blood and bones are whispering your name. Reaching out through the ethers, rising up from your cells, your soul mothers are joining their love in a circle around you, reminding you, that you are always held within their embrace of belonging.   No matter how you feel or how…

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Eventually all women will be called to their MotherQuest

Your MotherQuest is not the process of becoming a mother, or not being able to become a mother, or losing a baby, or having to give one away.  It’s not the struggle of birthing a baby, of trying to integrate life with a newborn, or experiencing post-natal depression or experiencing incredible joy and not being able to share it.  It is…

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5 Practices to Connect to Your Divine Feminine


Connecting to your Divine Feminine is not always acknowledged part of mundane life, in fact, theevery day, especially in our mothering years seems to chip away our connection to our spiritual power. This is largely because we have lost the archetype and the mindset that our everyday womanly selves, our mothering and our souls –…

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An experience I would like to share… I found a bee

Bee Experience

This weekend I had an experience I would like to share, it really got me thinking and I trust you can see it too. “We need sugar! Or water! Or possibly a flower!” These were the first things running through my head when quite unexpectedly I found a bee on my beach walk this Saturday. Actually, I…

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Why is sacred sisterhood different to friendship?

Ministry of She 1080 1080 Images Blog Sacred Sisterhood

Our female friendships are everything. Filled with tears and laughter, never-ending phone calls, the excitement of milestones and the sharing of loss, there is no taking away from the importance of our female friends. They buoy us, lift us up and support us through everyday life. For most of us, our female friendships fill our…

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