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This course is a seven-stage journey of transformation that gives you the tools and opportunities to radically transform your life as a daughter, woman and mother.

It is both mystical and infinitely practical, and combines real life psycho-therapeutic skills with sacred transformational ritual and ceremony.

Tenderly, reverently, and with skilful insight, Ancestresscy will shift how you relate to your family, whilst also healing your past to reveal an authentic self-expression.

It will give you the tools and insights needed to heal any inherited shame, fear, anger and disconnection to transform present relationships and to positively affect seven generations of your MotherLine forwards and backwards in time.

Next Online course : 2nd March 2018

In the Ancestresscy Course you will:


Transform your Relationship with Your Mother

Does it feel like no matter how much you have grown and changed as an adult, whenever you are around your mother or family you suddenly become the same child you have been trying to heal?

Are you ready to stop the pain that sits right next to your deepest wish to feel close to and nurtured your mother?

Are you ready to receive the maternal love, connection and nurturing you need?

It is possible for you to permanently change how you relate and interact with your family.

It is also possible to feel an unconditional source of maternal love and belonging - even if your mother-daughter relationship is strained, absent or beyond repair.

In MotherLine Healing you will:

  •  Discover simple transformative tools to change the way you react and communicate with each other
  •  Without conflict resolve your hurts and open to new paradigms of mothering love
  •  Find the tools to have lasting peace with your mother

Recover Your Sense of Maternal Belonging

No matter the current state of your mother daughter relationship, or if your mother is permanently estranged or has died, it is possible to live with a deep inner knowing of love, connection and maternal support.

On the level of soul all relationships operate from Love. However, personality, life's circumstances and choices can block this open flow and irreparably lock us into painful patterns.

In MotherLine Healing you will learn how to connect to the belonging that is your birthright and open to the maternal wisdom you carry within your blood and bones.

In MotherLine Healing you will:

  •  Explore & heal 7 generations of your maternal lineage
  •  Connect to a tangible knowing of the strengths & presence of your ancesstresses

Discover new levels of belonging to the people of your tribe, land and culture.


Be the Strong Woman who Breaks the Pain

Every generation is faced with the opportunity and the challenge to heal the patterns of their ancestors, have peace with their parents and share their unique gifts with the world.

In MotherLine Healing you will explore and extract the toxic family patterns caused by untimely loss, secrets, abuse and trauma.

You will also find the courage to actualise your authentic potential and BE the woman of your lineage that makes the difference.

In MotherLine Healing you will:

  •  Replace toxic patterns with strength, autonomy and freedom
  •  Release the blockages that inhibit connection and belonging
  •  Recover your innocence as a source of creative power

Shift from Wounded Daughter to Beloved Child

Many dysfunctional mother/adult-daughter relationships boil down to a few simple issues, the main one being that the daughter actually feels like her mother's parent.

Do you feel like the smart, strong, kind, older, bigger person in your mother-daughter relationship? Does this make you feel tired, depressed, persnippity or intolerant when around your mother?

Are you frightened of becoming the same type of parent your mother was? Or are you over compensating by giving your children the type of parenting you needed, but not necessarily the parenting they uniquely require?

In MotherLine Healing you will:

  •  Learn how to move your perspective from wounded daughter to beloved child
  •  Hand back all of your maternal wounding and all that is not yours to carry
  •  Elevate your mother-daughter struggle to a Sacred Wrestle of Self-awareness and Autonomy

Open to the Joy of Maternal Connection

Our relationships with our mothers lay the templates of how we relate with all women, for better and for worse.

Do you trust yourself to be authentic and vulnerable with your sisters and girlfriends?

Can you be authentically open and non-judgemental of women who are unlike you?

Does the concept of sisterhood seem foreign, unobtainable or unnecessary to you? Would you rather be one of the boys?

Do you believe that jealousy, competition and betrayal are to be expected in female friendships?

In MotherLine Healing you will:

  •  Come to embrace that women friends are the essential component for living a richly intimate and empowered life
  •  Release the blockages that inhibit your connection and trust in the feminine
  •  Heal your half of your mother-daughter wrestle and in doing so, open yourself to lasting depth, trust and fulfillment within your relationships

Explore and Heal 7 Generations

In Indigenous and First Nation Spirituality, every child born is the gift and the healing of the seven previous and seven future generations.

Over seven weeks you will not only transform your relationship patterns with your birth mother and siblings, you will also clear how your bloodlines' future generations carry the patterns of your past, present and future


In MotherLine Healing you will:

  •  Resolve the silent pains you carry, especially the tender wounds of reproductive loss, sexual trauma and grief
  •  Open your spirituality and soul to a deep relationship with the spiritual force of the Sacred Mother
  •  Actualise your potential and let your soul, not your inherited wounding, define who you are as a woman, lover and mother of your world

Where Did


come from?

In the week before she birthed her daughter, Lhamo received the Ancestresscy course from a visitation from her Great Grandmother, Nellie. Nellie showed Lhamo how to use heal their own Motherline and clear the way for her to stand as a Strong Woman connected to her Ancestresscy. When Lhamo speaks about the course being 'gifted' to her, this means that the transmission of knowledge was mystical and was not conceived by her own thinking. Some call this channelling or visitation, no matter how it was derived after 10 years the work stands for itself.


Read more about How Ancestresscy was Created here.

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How will I Transform and Create?

Nourish your soul with healing and ceremony

During our time together we will dive into women's ceremony, transformational course work, family constellations processes, sacred circle and embodiment practices that are all designed to directly impact your understanding and experience of maternal love and transformational healing.

Make an Heirloom piece for future generations

You will be guided to create an heirloom project, something made from your hands, as a tangible expression of your healing and love, that you will then be able to bequeath to your future generations.

Transform your Mother-Daughter relationships

If you are seeking transformation of your adult mother-daughter relationship, then this is the course for you. This course is also for women wanting to transform their sister and sibling relationships, their female friendships, where their shadow sits within their connections with other women and their own mystical relationship with God or Spirit as a Mother.

Become the Love that heals

Ancestresscy Healing will help you become the Strong Woman, both caretaker and custodian, of your next seven generations. Get ready to initiate your capacity for Sacred Activism as you become the change you hope to see for your Great-Great Grandchildren's world.

How does it work?


  • 8 week online course
  • Weekly PDF workbooks
  • Meditation downloads
  • Sacred Circle Zoom Calls
  • Webinars
  • Private Facebook Sister Circle
  • Somatic processes


  • Course materials
  • Transformational meditations
  • Emotional literacy tools
  • Family Constellations
  • Creative art therapy
  • Creating an Heirloom Project
  • Somatic processes
  • Ancestressal Ceremonies
  • Women's Sacred Circle work


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