Ministry of She


Whether you consider yourself part of the global rising of Sacred Femininity or not, there’s no denying that

We women have work to do

Ministry of She

exists because spirituality is not a new trend in branding or a fad. The sacred must not be co-opted, appropriated or used as glamour, merchandising and marketing.

Ministry of She

exists to serve the call of the Sacred Feminine within you as you know and experience Her to be.


Ministry of She's

offerings are all applicable to your real life, because we believe when our sacred essence is grounded we are of most service.


If you find yourself drawn to the Ministry of She it’s usually because:


You’re searching for a deeper connection and trust in your own Truth.


You don’t have time or energy to invest in spiritual for pure entertainment. You need to be authentic.
You need to be real.


You’ve awakened the mystical within you and it’s time to go deeper and live your own experiential path.


You’re ready to reclaim your role as Sovereign Priestess and Mother Queen and accept her mantle.


You’ve reached a point of humility where nothing else makes meaning than being in service to God or Love or Spirit within you.

Your mothering, your loving, your heart’s passion has led you home to a love beyond what you’ve ever known and now that you’ve found HER

You never want to leave.


Lhamo Lotscher is an Ordained Interfaith Reverend, Spiritual Counsellor and the founder of Ministry of She. As a counsellor, mystic, visionary and a conduit of the Sacred Feminine, Lhamo’s passion is guiding women to live deeply connected to their interior spiritual wisdom. Lhamo’s programs, tools, teachings and counselling, support women to walk their spiritual talk – from the Goddess circle to the tuck shop – and to live in balance and integrity, with meaning and passion.

Lhamo’s own journey home to her spiritual core included the completion of spiritual pilgrimages in India, Nepal, Spain and Western Europe; taking refuge in a Dakini lineage of Buddhism, becoming a student of A Course In Miracles, awakening direct mystical experiences with the teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna and opening to her own visionary path of Spiritual Motherhood. Privileged to have experienced womanhood ceremonies in First Nation Apache traditions and awakened her conduit of mystical instruction, Lhamo’s dedication to sovereign spirituality continues to be her lifelong passion.

Beyond her 30 years of embodied mysticism, professionally Lhamo has worked as a professional counsellor in Family Constellations and Somatic Creative therapies and has counselled women healing from sexual abuse, reproductive loss, life transitions and soul relationships. Today in her role of Minister, circle leaders and modern-day priestesses seek out Lhamo’s guidance and trainings when they need to gain more skills, clear blockages and access deeper wisdom to be of greater service to the world.

A Message From Lhamo

“I am a hermit by nature and both need and crave the deep inner peace of silence and inner communion. So when we do meet or speak, I don’t stay on the surface very long. To enter our inner soul temple we need to drop expectation or pretension, because I know the fastest way to access our deepest wisdom is through our longings, our wounds or our heartbreaks.

I’m not interested in teaching you how-to do anything. Why ask me how to parent, how to love, how to unlock your soul truth and passions?

I only know what has worked for me and what perhaps could work for you too. Honestly, I’m more interested in awakening your direct conduit to Her who is God or Love within you. That is far more fascinating.

I am however, devoted to sharing with you my 35 + years of mystical insight and spiritual training so you can discover how to be in your life as a sovereign being.

I am here for the women who are willing to let the light shatter their darkness, ready to get down on their hands and knees to access their deepest divinity and to forge their true path of deeply connected and embodied wisdom.

I’m not in the business of training priestesses purely because it’s so #hotrightnow and I’m not the best teacher for those who are. Through my work, I help women to not only come ‘home’ to themselves but learn how to be The Love That Changes Everything ~ always.”

x Lhamo

Are you ready to connect to your
Sacred Soul Wisdom?