Ministry of She

the sacred journey of women's everyday lives


your mothering years


I am Lhamo

My passion is supporting women to awaken and drink from the sacredness of their everyday lives.

Ministry of She is a ministry for women in their middle or mothering years. No matter your faith or spirituality of origin, no matter how messy or magnificent your daily life is, your own deeply personal, unique and authentic path of making meaning is holy ground.

The places where you feel broken, the places where your passions come alive, the places where grief takes away everything, the places where the ordinary births your dreams alive -

This is my ministry.

Once women knew that the journey through motherhood was a soul walk of embodying the Divine within them. The heartache, the beauty, the relationships, the creativity - all of it.

I am here to support you in your own re-membering.

I am here, holding your hand as you reclaim your body, your role as a mother, your sexuality, your whole perfectly imperfect life as a spiritual baptism of fire.


A woman connected to her Ancestressy has
the unstoppable power behind her
A woman who has a circle of sacred women
by her side is invinceable.

Are you ready to connect to your
Sacred Soul Wisdom?